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Product Name Model Price  
316L Jagged Steel Pinchersstpn $31.00 
316L Solid Stainless Steel Flared PlugsSSP $31.00 
316L Stainless Steel Bolt Head TunnelSSTL $20.00 
316L Stainless Steel ClawSSCL $31.00 
316L Stainless Steel Dayak HookSSDH $52.00 
316L Stainless Steel Flaming SpiralSSFS $31.00 
316L Stainless Steel Lightning ClawSSLC $46.00 
316L Stainless Steel Mohawk SpiralSSMS $52.00 
316L Stainless Steel Round Head TunnelSSTLR $20.00 
316L Stainless Steel Snake Coilssssc $31.00 
316L Stainless Steel Spiked SpiralSSSS $39.00 
316L Stainless Steel Tribal ClawSSTC $46.00 
316L Stainless Steel Vampire Clawssvc $31.00 
Abalone Beads Barrel Shape 12x17 mmSH095 $57.00 
Abalone Beads Barrel Shape 14x22 mmSH096 $68.00 
Abalone Beads Cushion Flat 13x17 mmSH005 $47.00 
Abalone Beads Cushion Shape 15x22 mmSH097 $68.00 
Abalone Beads Fan ShapeSH068 $52.00 
Abalone Beads Free Form Trapezium ShapeSH046 $42.00 
Abalone Beads Kernel Shape 10x14 mmSH116 $62.00 
Abalone Beads Kernel Shape 13x18 mmSH117 $83.00 
Abalone Beads Oval Shape 11x15 mmSH088 $52.00 
Abalone Beads Oval Shape 13x18 mmSH087 $57.00 
Abalone Beads Oval Shape 14x22 mmSH086 $68.00 
Abalone Beads Pear Shape 10x14 mmSH057 $42.00 
Abalone Beads Pear Shape 10x14 mmSH093 $47.00 
Abalone Beads Pear Shape 12x17 mmSH094 $57.00 
Abalone Beads Pear Shape 13x13 mmSH083 $42.00 
Abalone Beads Pear Shape 14x22 mmSH092 $68.00 
Abalone Beads Pear Shape 15x15 mmSH084 $52.00 
Abalone Beads Pear Shape 20x20 mmSH085 $68.00 
Abalone Beads Rectangle Shape 10x13 mmSH017 $42.00 
Abalone Beads Rectangle Shape 11x18 mmSH090 $52.00 
Abalone Beads Rectangle Shape 15x20 mmSH091 $68.00 
Abalone Beads Rectangle Shape 8x12 mmSH089 $36.00 
Abalone Beads Tube Shape 8x13 mmSH025 $36.00 
Abalone Donut 50mm PendantSHPAB50 $13.00 
Abalone Flower 35mm PendantSHPAB35 $21.00 
Abalone Flower 40mm PendantSHPAB40 $20.00 
Abstract Butterfly Mother of Pearl Plugsbmopp $31.00 
Adventurine Green Beads Oval Faceted 4x6mmNG152 $16.00 
Adventurine Green Beads Rectangle 2x6mmNG49 $3.00 
Adventurine Green Beads Rectangle 3x7mmNG69 $3.00 
Adventurine Green Beads Rondelles 3mmNG32 $8.00 
Adventurine Green Beads Rondelles Faceted 2x3mmNG168 $16.00 
Adventurine Green Beads Round 4mmNG19 $4.00 
Adventurine Green Beads Teardrop Faceted 3x5mmNG189 $21.00 
Adventurine Red Beads Round 3mmNG59 $3.00 
African Opal Faceted OvalsOPAF420000F $47.00 
African White Opal Beads 4mm RondellesOPAF490004F $13.00 
Agate Black Coin flat 45 mm.AGBK140045N $32.00 
Agate Black Rectangle flat 18x25 mm.AGBK461825N $21.00 
Agate Black Rectangle flat 20x30 mm.AGBK462030N $26.00 
Agate Blackline 8x30mm Rice BeadsAGBI480830N $34.00 
Agate Blackline Beads 10x16mm TubeAGBI571016N $34.00 
Agate Blackline Beads 10x20mm TubeAGBI571020N $34.00 
Agate Blackline Beads 15x20mm Oval FlatAGBI421520N $34.00 
Agate Blackline Beads 15x20mm Oval PuffyAGBI681520N $34.00 
Agate Blackline Beads 15x20mm Rectangle FlatAGBI461520N $34.00 
Agate Blackline Beads 15x20mm Rectangle PuffyAGBI691520N $34.00 
Agate Blackline Beads 6x16mm TubeAGBI570616N $34.00 
Agate Blackline Beads 8x16mm TubeAGBI570816N $34.00 
Agate Blue Lace 4mm Round BeadsAGBA500004N $21.00 
Agate Blue Lace 8mm Round BeadsAGBA500008N $36.00 
Agate Blue Lace Beads 10mm RoundAGBA500010N $52.00 
Agate Blue Lace Beads 6mm RondellesAGBA490006N $34.00 
Agate Botswana Beads 16mm NuggetsAGBO390016N $24.00 
Agate Botswana Beads 4mm RoundAGBO500004N $10.00 
Agate Botswana Beads 4x8mm DrumAGBO250408N $21.00 
Agate Botswana Beads 5x8mm DrumAGBO250508N $18.00 
Agate Botswana Beads 6x8mm DrumAGBO250608N $21.00 
Agate Botswana Beads 8x12 DrumAGBO250812N $31.00 
Agate Botswana Beads Medium ChipsAGBO13MEDMN $16.00 
Agate Crazy Lace Beads 4mm RoundAGCL500004N $6.00 
Agate Dyed beads Green Nugget BeadsAGDG39SMMEN $16.00 
Agate Dyed Beads Purple NuggetsAGDP39MEDMN. $16.00 
Agate Green Coin 40 mm.AGGR140040N $21.00 
Agate Green Rectangle 25x35 mm.AGGR462535N $21.00 
Agate Green Rectangles 20x30 mm.AGGR462030N $16.00 
Agate Green Twist Oval 25x35 mm.AGGR422535N $21.00 
Agate Moss Beads 8mm RoundAGMO500008N $9.00 
Agate Multi Beads Rectangle 4x8mmNG51 $4.00 
Agate Multi-Colored Beads 4x8mm RectangleAGMU460406N $4.00 
Agate Red Beads Medium Nuggets w/TubeAGRD39MEDMN $16.00 
Agate Tree Beads 4mm RoundAGTR500004N $6.00 
Agate Tree Beads 6mm RoundAGTR500006N $12.00 
Agate Tree Beads 8mm RoundJSGS500008N $9.00 
Agate Tree Beads Freeform NuggetsAGTR39LRGEN $16.00 
Agate tree butterflyAGTR100000N $16.00 
Agate Yellow Coin 25 mm.AGYW140025N $16.00 
Agate Yellow Green Coin 25 mm.AGYG140025N $16.00 
Agate Yellow Green Diamond 20x20 mm.AGYW200020N $16.00 
Agate Yellow Green Twist Oval 12x16 mm.AGYW421216N $16.00 
Agate Yellow Oval 10x16 mm.AGYW421016N $13.00 
Amazonite Beads Round 6mmNG34 $8.00 
Amazonite Chinese Beads 10mm Coin FacetedAZCH140010F $29.00 
Amazonite Chinese Beads 10mm RoundAZCH500010N $15.00 
Amazonite Chinese Beads 10mm Round FacetedAZCH500010F $23.00 
Amazonite Chinese Beads 12mm Coin FacetedAZCH140012F $31.00 
Amazonite Chinese Beads 12mm Round FacetedAZCH500012F $27.00 
Amazonite Chinese Beads 13x18mm Oval FacetedAZCH421318F $34.00 
Amazonite Chinese Beads 18x25 Oval FacetedAZCH421825F $40.00 
Amazonite Chinese Beads 4mm RoundAZCH500004N $6.00 
Amazonite Chinese Beads 5mm RoundAZCH500005N $7.00 
Amazonite Chinese Beads 6mm RoundAZCH500006N $8.00 
Amazonite Chinese Beads 6x8mm Rectangle FacetedAZCH460608F $26.00 
Amazonite Chinese Beads 8mm Coin FacetedAZCH140008F $22.00 
Amazonite Chinese Beads 8mm RoundAZCH500008N $10.00 
Amazonite Chinese Beads 8mm Round FacetedAZCH500008F $19.00 
Amazonite Chinese Beads 8x10mm Oval FacetedAZCH420810F $29.00 
Amazonite Chinese Beads 8x10mm Rectangle FacetedAZCH460810F $29.00 
Amazonite Flared Stone Plugamzsp $26.00 
Amazonite Pendant 30 x 40mm ovalSP001 $5.00 
Amazonite Pendant 30 x 40mm rectangleSP003 $5.00 
Amazonite Pendant 30 x 40mm tear dropSP002 $5.00 
Amber Dark Brown Beads 6x10mm NuggetsABBR390610N $26.00 
Amber Honey and Red Beads 6x10mm NuggetsABHR390610N $26.00 
Amber Honey Beads 6x10mm NuggetsABHO390610N $26.00 
Amber Light Brown Beads 6x10mm NuggetsABLB390610N $26.00 
Amethyst Beads RectangleNG75 $4.00 
Amethyst Beads Round 5mmNG73 $8.00 
Amethyst Beads Teardrop Flat 3x5mmNG77 $4.00 
Amethyst Beads Triangle 4x5mmNG76 $4.00 
Amethyst Beads Tube 2x5mmNG42 $7.00 
Amethyst Beads Tube 3x5mmNG74 $4.00 
Amethyst Dark Beads Cushion Faceted 8mmNG209 $30.00 
Amethyst Dark Beads Hand cut Rondelles Faceted 5-6mmNG198 $21.00 
Amethyst Dark Beads Oval 5x10mmNG126 $6.00 
Amethyst Dark Beads Oval Faceted 4x7mmNG211 $16.00 
Amethyst Dark Beads Oval Faceted 6x9mmNG199 $19.00 
Amethyst Dark Beads Rectangle 3x5mmNG127 $5.00 
Amethyst Dark Beads Round 6mmNG94 $7.00 
Amethyst Dark Beads Round Faceted 4/5mmNG170 $21.00 
Amethyst Dark Beads Teardrop Flat 3x6mmNG100 $10.00 
Amethyst Flared Stone PlugAMSP $26.00 
Amethyst Flared Stone Tunnel Eyeletsamest $22.00 
Amethyst Green 14x14mm Laser Cut Briolette Faceted BeadsAMGN081414F $585.00 
Amethyst Green Beads 5x15mm Faceted TeardropAMGR540515F $520.00 
Amethyst Green Beads 8mm Faceted BrioletteAMGR080008F $234.00 
Amethyst Green Beads 8x12mm Laser Cut Teardrops FacetedAMGN540812F $734.00 
Amethyst Green Beads 9x12mm Laser Cut Twisted Drop FacetedAMGN710912F $679.00 
Amethyst Light Beads Round 3mmNG119 $7.00 
Amethyst Light Beads Round 4mmNG118 $7.00 
Amethyst Light Beads Teardrop 4x8mmNG117 $10.00 
Amethyst Light Beads Teardrop Faceted 4x7mmNG200 $16.00 
Amethyst Light Beads Wheel 4mmNG35 $9.00 
Amethyst Pink Beads 10x15mm Laser Cut Briolette FacetedAMPI081015F $416.00 
Amethyst Pink Beads 12x16mm Laser Cut Teardrops FacetedAMPI541216F $126.00 
Amethyst Pink Beads 6x10mm Laser Cut Rondelle FacetedAMPI490610F $354.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 14mm DiceAMPL210014N $23.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 16mm CoinAMPL140016N $23.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 2x4mm RondellesAMPL490204N $11.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 2x5mm TubeAMPL570205N $7.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 30x45mm MarquisAMPL373045N $99.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 3mm Rondelle FacetedAMPL490003F $70.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 3mm RoundAMPL500003N $7.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 3x5mm RectangleAMPL460305N $5.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 3x5mm Teardrop FlatAMPL640305N $4.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 3x5mm TubeAMPL570305N $4.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 3x6mm Teardrop FlatAMPL640306N $10.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 4/5mm Round FacetedAMPL500405F $21.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 4mm Cube Top DrillAMPL170004N $10.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 4mm Rondelle FacetedAMPL490004F $70.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 4mm RoundAMPL500004N $7.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 4mm Teardrop FacetedAMPL540004F $18.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 4mm WheelAMLT630004N $9.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 4x13mm TubeAMPL570413N $7.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 4x5mm TriangleAMPL560405N $4.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 4x6mm RiceAMPL480406N $10.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 4x7mm Oval FacetedAMDK420407F $16.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 4x7mm Teardrop FacetedAMLT540407F $16.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 4x8mm TeardropAMLT540408N $10.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 5-6mm Hand Cut Rondelles FacetedAMDK490506F $21.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 5mm RoundAMPL500005N $8.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 5x10mm OvalAMDK420510N $6.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 5x6mm Briolette FacetedAMPL080506F $58.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 6mm RondelleAMPL490006N $15.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 6mm RoundAMDK500006N $7.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 6mm Round FacetedAMPL500006F $47.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 6mm WheelAMPL630006N $10.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 6x12mm Oval Flat Top DrillAMPL420612N $26.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 6x9mm Oval FacetedAMDK420609F $19.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 6x9mm RectangleAMPL420609N $7.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 8mm DiceAMPL210008N $19.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 8mm RoundAMPL500008N $9.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 8mm Round FacetedAMPL500008F $47.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 8mm WheelAMPL630008N $7.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 8x10mm Oval FacetedAMPL420810F $55.00 
Amethyst Purple Beads 8x8mm Cushion FacetedAMDK180808F $30.00 
Ametrine Bead 8x12mm Barrel FacetedATPL030812F $49.00 
Ametrine Beads 10x14mm Rectangle FacetedATPL461014F $78.00 
Ametrine Beads 12mm HeartsATPL320012N $78.00 
Ametrine Beads 12mm Square FacetedATPL510012F $78.00 
Ametrine Beads 12x15mm NuggetsATPL391215N $78.00 
Ametrine Beads 12x15mm OvalATPL421215N $78.00 
Ametrine Beads 12x18mm Nuggets Faceted Laser CutATPL391218F $218.00 
Ametrine Beads 15x22mm Nuggets Faceted Flat Laser CutATPL391522F $156.00 
Ametrine Beads 16mm Coin FacetedATPL140016F $78.00 
Ametrine Beads 16mm Square FacetedATPL510016F $78.00 
Ametrine Beads 22x29mm Barrel FacetedATPL032229F $78.00 
Ametrine Beads 5mm Drum FacetedATPL250005F $78.00 
Ametrine Beads 5x8mm Drum FacetedATPL250508F $78.00 
Ametrine Beads 9x13mm Tube FacetedATPL570913F $78.00 
Ametrine Beads Chips 36" StrandATPL13LONGN $7.00 
Ametrine Beads Coin Faceted 5mmATLC140005F $31.00 
Ametrine Beads Nuggets Large FacetedATPL39LRGEF $19.00 
Andalusite faceted rectangle in 4x7 mm.ANCR460407F $52.00 
Andalusite round beads in 4 mm.ANCR500004N $16.00 
Angelite round beads in 4 mm.ALBL500004N $13.00 
Angelite round beads in 6 mm.ALBL500006N $16.00 
Apatite Beads 12x13/12x14mm Teardrop Faceted GraduatedAPBL541213F $221.00 
Apatite Beads 3x4mm RondellesAPBL490304N $20.00 
Apatite Beads 3x5mm RectanglesAPBL170305N $16.00 
Apatite Beads 5x11/7x12mm Sticks Faceted GraduatedAPBL530712F $143.00 
Apatite Beads 7x11/10x12mm Teardrop Faceted GraduatedAPBL541012F $216.00 
Apatite Beads 9x9/12x14mm Briolette Faceted GraduatedAPBL081214F $158.00 
Apatite Blue 10x10mm Nuggets plainAPBL391010N $39.00 
Aqua Chalcedony Beads 17x20mm Nuggets FacetedCDAQ391720F $58.00 
Aqua Chalcedony Beads 19x23mm NuggetsCDAQ391923N $21.00 
Aquamarine Beads 10-18mm RondellesAQGN491018N $21.00 
Aquamarine Beads 10mm WheelAQGN630010N $36.00 
Aquamarine Beads 10x12mm Faceted NuggetsAQGN391012F $52.00 
Aquamarine Beads 10x12mm Rectangle FacetedAQGN461012F $47.00 
Aquamarine Beads 12mm WheelAQGN630012N $39.00 
Aquamarine Beads 15x20 TeardropAQGN541520N $780.00 
Aquamarine Beads 2x3mm Rondelles FacetedAQGN490203F $24.00 
Aquamarine Beads 2x3mm Teardrop CarvedAQGN540203N $23.00 
Aquamarine Beads 2x4mm Briolette FacetedAQGN080204F $120.00 
Aquamarine Beads 2x6mm Rondelles FacetedAQGN490206F $125.00 
Aquamarine Beads 3mm Rondelles FacetedAQGN490003F $22.00 
Aquamarine Beads 3x5mm RondellesAQGN490305N $9.00 
Aquamarine Beads 3x6mm OvalAQGN420306N $21.00 
Aquamarine Beads 4x6mm OvalAQGN420406N $4.00 
Aquamarine Beads 4x6mm Teardrop PuffyAQGN800406N $23.00 
Aquamarine Beads 4x8mm Oval FacetedAQGN420408F $22.00 
Aquamarine Beads 5x9mm Teardrop FacetedAQGN540509F $36.00 
Aquamarine Beads 6x8mm Leaf CarvedAQGN350608N $17.00 
Aquamarine Beads 7x12mm Tear DropsAQGN540712N $21.00 
Aquamarine Beads Medium Nuggets FacetedAQGN39MEDMF $156.00 
Aquamarine Beads Oval 4x6mmNG44 $4.00 
Aquamarine Beads Rondelles 3x5mmNG97 $9.00 
Aquamarine Beads Rondelles Faceted 2x3mmNG164 $24.00 
Aquamarine Beads Rondelles Faceted 3mmNG194 $22.00 
Areng Wood Plugsabp $34.00 
Areng Wood Tunnelsarwt $34.00 
Areng Wood with Abalone Inlay PlugsABAWP $31.00 
Areng Wood with Mother of Pearl Inlay PlugsMOPAWP $31.00 
Astrophyllite coin shapes in 15 mm.ASCR140015N $34.00 
Astrophyllite coin shapes in 25 mm.ASCR140025N $23.00 
Astrophyllite faceted 30 mm. coin shapesASCR140030F $31.00 
Aventurine Green Beads 10mm RoundADGN500010N $13.00 
Aventurine Green Beads 10x18mm NuggetADGN391018N $16.00 
Aventurine Green Beads 15x18mm NuggetsADGN391518N $16.00 
Aventurine Green Beads 2x3mm Rondelles FacetedADGN490203F $18.00 
Aventurine Green Beads 2x6mm RectangleADGN460206N $5.00 
Aventurine Green Beads 3mm RondellesADGN490003N $8.00 
Aventurine Green Beads 3x5mm Teardrop FacetedADGN540305F $21.00 
Aventurine Green Beads 3x7mm RectangleADGN460307N $5.00 
Aventurine Green Beads 4mm RoundNG56 $5.00 
Aventurine Green Beads 4x6mm Oval FacetedADGN420406F $21.00 
Aventurine Green Beads 5mm RoundADGN500005N $5.00 
Aventurine Green Beads 6mm RoundADGN500006N $8.00 
Aventurine Green Beads 8mm RoundADGN500008N $10.00 
Aventurine green faceted rectangles 13x20 mm.ADGN461320F $26.00 
Aventurine Red Beads 10mm RoundADRD500010N $13.00 
Aventurine Red Beads 3mm RoundADRD500003N $8.00 
Aventurine Red Beads 4mm RoundADRD500004N $6.00 
Aventurine Red Beads 5mm RoundADRD500005N $8.00 
Aventurine Red Beads 6mm RoundADRD500006N $10.00 
Aventurine Red Beads 8mm RoundADRD500008N $10.00 
Aventurine Red Beads 8x10mm Cubes DyedADRD170810N $16.00 
Aventurine Red Teardrop Marquee 4x12 mm.ADRD540412N $21.00 
Aventurine Red Teardrop Marquee 4x12 mm.ADRD540412N $21.00 
Aventurine Red Teardrop Marquee 6x18 mm.ADRD540618N $26.00 
Azurite Beads 8mm Round FacetedAUAZ500008F $62.00 
Azurite Flared Stone PlugsAZSP $26.00 
Bakerite Snowstone Flared Stone Plugsbssp $26.00 
Balinese Bone Bull Skull PendantBBP0103 $32.00 
Balinese Bone Dolphin PendantBBP0106 $32.00 
Balinese Bone Double Snake PendantBBP0109 $32.00 
Balinese Bone Dragon PendantBP002 $32.00 
Balinese Bone Hawk PendantBBP0111 $32.00 
Balinese Bone Hook PendantBBP0101 $32.00 
Balinese Bone Hook Pendant 2BBP0110 $32.00 
Balinese Bone PendantBBP0105 $32.00 
Balinese Bone Pendant 1BBP01 $21.00 
Balinese Bone Pendant 10BBP10 $21.00 
Balinese Bone Pendant 11BBP11 $21.00 
Balinese Bone Pendant 12BBP12 $21.00 
Balinese Bone Pendant 13BBP13 $21.00 
Balinese Bone Pendant 14BBP14 $21.00 
Balinese Bone Pendant 15BBP15 $21.00 
Balinese Bone Pendant 16BBP16 $21.00 
Balinese Bone Pendant 2BBP02 $21.00 
Balinese Bone Pendant 3BBP03 $21.00 
Balinese Bone Pendant 4BBP04 $21.00 
Balinese Bone Pendant 4BBP05 $21.00 
Balinese Bone Pendant 6BBP06 $21.00 
Balinese Bone Pendant 7BBP07 $21.00 
Balinese Bone Pendant 8BBP08 $21.00 
Balinese Bone Pendant 9BBP09 $21.00 
Balinese Bone Sea Horse PendantBP001 $32.00 
Balinese Bone Sea Horse PendantBBP0112 $32.00 
Balinese Bone Snake PendantBBP0108 $32.00 
Balinese Fish Hook w/Silver Eagle inlay PendantBP004 $39.00 
Balinese Fish Hook w/Silver inlay PendantBP008 $39.00 
Balinese Fish Hook w/Silver inlay PendantBP005 $39.00 
Balinese Fish Hook w/Silver inlay PendantBP0010 $39.00 
Balinese Fish Hook w/Silver inlay PendantBP009 $39.00 
Balinese Fish Hook w/Silver inlay PendantBP007 $39.00 
Balinese Horn Pendant 17BPH17 $21.00 
Balinese Horn Pendant 18BPH18 $21.00 
Balinese Sea Horse Hook w/Silver inlay PendantBP006 $39.00 
Balinese Spiral Hook w/Silver inlay PendantBP003 $39.00 
BC Jade Maori Pendant 1JP001 $125.00 
BC Jade Maori Pendant 10JP0010 $125.00 
BC Jade Maori Pendant 11JP0011 $125.00 
BC Jade Maori Pendant 12JP0012 $125.00 
BC Jade Maori Pendant 13JP0013 $125.00 
BC Jade Maori Pendant 14JP0014 $125.00 
BC Jade Maori Pendant 15JP0015 $125.00 
BC Jade Maori Pendant 16JP0016 $125.00 
BC Jade Maori Pendant 17JP0017 $125.00 
BC Jade Maori Pendant 18JP0018 $125.00 
BC Jade Maori Pendant 2JP002 $125.00 
BC Jade Maori Pendant 3JP003 $125.00 
BC Jade Maori Pendant 4JP004 $125.00 
BC Jade Maori Pendant 5JP005 $125.00 
BC Jade Maori Pendant 6JP006 $125.00 
BC Jade Maori Pendant 7JP007 $125.00 
BC Jade Maori Pendant 8JP008 $125.00 
BC Jade Maori Pendant 9JP009 $125.00 
Black Agate Flared Gear Tunnel EyeletBAGT $52.00 
Black Agate Flared Stone Plugsbasp $26.00 
Black Agate Flared Stone Tunnel Eyeletsbast $52.00 
Black Agate Skull Clawsbaskull $52.00 
Black Agate Stone Bulletsblagb $26.00 
Black Agate Stone PincherBASPN $31.00 
Black Agate Stone Spiralsbass $32.00 
Black Agate Stone Tapersbat $46.00 
Black Cats Eye Flared Stone Plugblcesp $17.00 
Black Cats Eye Gear Tunnel EyeletCEGT $36.00 
Black Glass Faceted Flared Plugsfablgl $29.00 
Black Mother of Pearl Beads Barrel Shape 14x21 mmSH103 $47.00 
Black Mother of Pearl Beads Fan Shape 14x14 mmSH041 $36.00 
Black Mother of Pearl Beads Fan Shape 17x18 mmSH042 $42.00 
Black Mother of Pearl Beads Free Form Disc ShapeSH047 $78.00 
Black Mother of Pearl Beads Free Form TrapeziumSH112 $36.00 
Black Mother of Pearl Beads Free Form TriangleSH108 $36.00 
Black Mother of Pearl Beads Hinge IrregularSH071 $42.00 
Black Mother of Pearl Beads Kernel Shape Carved 10x14 mmSH073 $52.00 
Black Mother of Pearl Beads Kernel Shape Carved 12x16 mmSH074 $62.00 
Black Mother of Pearl Beads Kernel Shape Carved 13x18 mmSH081 $73.00 
Black Mother of Pearl Beads Oval Shape 12x18 mmSH033 $42.00 
Black Mother of Pearl Beads Oval Shape 14x21 mmSH034 $47.00 
Black Mother of Pearl Beads Oval Shape 9x16 mmSH032 $36.00 
Black Mother of Pearl Beads Pear Shape 14x21 mmSH115 $47.00 
Black Mother of Pearl Beads Pear Shape 21x21 mmSH016 $47.00 
Black Mother of Pearl Beads Pear Shape 8x10 mmSH058 $39.00 
Black Mother of Pearl Beads Round Disc 12x12 mmSH050 $42.00 
Black Mother of Pearl Beads Round Disc 9x9 mmSH049 $42.00 
Black Obsidian Flared Stone Plugsbosp $19.00 
Black Obsidian Flared Teardrop PlugsBOTDP $47.00 
Black Onyx Beads 35x60mm RectangleONBK463560N $57.00 
Black Onyx Beads Medium NuggetsONBK39MEDMN $19.00 
Black Onyx Pendant 30 x 40mm circleSP004 $16.00 
Black Onyx Pendant 30 x 40mm circleSP008 $16.00 
Black Onyx Pendant 30 x 40mm circleSP005 $16.00 
Black Onyx Pendant 30 x 40mm crossSP0011 $16.00 
Black Onyx Pendant 30 x 40mm heartSP006 $16.00 
Black Onyx Pendant 30 x 40mm ovalSP007 $16.00 
Black Onyx Pendant 30 x 40mm ovalSP009 $16.00 
Black Onyx Pendant 30 x 40mm squareSP0010 $16.00 
Black Opal 4mm RoundOPBK500004N $47.00 
Black Star Buffalo Horn Plugssthp $31.00 
Bloodstone Beads 10mm RoundBLGN500010N $14.00 
Bloodstone Beads 4mm RoundBLGN500004N $7.00 
Bloodstone Beads 6mm RoundBLGN500006N $8.00 
Bloodstone Beads 8mm RoundBLGN500008N $10.00 
Bloodwood PlugsBWP $21.00 
Bloodwood with Abalone Inlay PlugsABBWP $31.00 
Bloodwood with Mother of Pearl Inlay PlugsMOPBWP $31.00 
Blue Cats Eye Flared Plugscesp $26.00 
Blue Chalcedony Beads 16x22mm Nuggets FacetedCDBL391622F $58.00 
Blue Chalcedony Beads 20x25mm NuggetsCDBL392025N $49.00 
Blue Chalcedony Beads Large Nuggets FacetedCDBL39LRGEF $146.00 
Blue Goldstone Flared Plugsblgssp $25.00 
Blue Goldstone Hemicyclesbgring $26.00 
Blue Goldstone PincherBLGSSPN $31.00 
Blue Goldstone Spiralsblgsss $32.00 
Blue Tiger Eye 8mm Round BeadsTABL500008N $16.00 
Blue Tigereye Faceted Flared PlugsBTEFP $22.00 
Blue Tigereye Flared Stone Tunnel Eyeletsbltet $21.00 
Blueberry Quartz Glass Beads 15mm CoinQUGL140015N $13.00 
Bone Skull in Buffalo Horn Plugsskbdip $29.00 
Bone Star in Black Horn Plugsstbdip $29.00 
Bone Tribal Spiral Buffalo Horn Plugsspbdip $29.00 
Brahman Marriage 30mm PendantIP0030 $32.00 
Brecciated Jasper Flared Stone Plugbjsp $26.00 
Brecciated Jasper Flared Stone Tunnel Eyeletsbjst $28.00 
Bronzite Beads 10mm RoundBRBR500010N $13.00 
Bronzite Beads 12x16mm NuggetsBRBR391216N $19.00 
Bronzite Beads 12x25mm Leaf w/TubeBRBR351225N $26.00 
Bronzite Beads 13x18mm BarrelBRBR031318N $20.00 
Bronzite Beads 13x18mm TVBRBR591318N $23.00 
Bronzite Beads 13x20mm BarrelBRBR031320N $29.00 
Bronzite Beads 14x18mm Nuggets FacetedBRBR391418F $19.00 
Bronzite Beads 20x32mm Rectangle FacetedBRBR462032F $37.00 
Bronzite Beads 25x35mm Rectangle FlatBRBR462535N $31.00 
Bronzite Beads 25x35mm Teardrop w/TubeBRBR542535N $34.00 
Bronzite Beads 30mm Square WaveBRBR860030N $37.00 
Bronzite Beads 30x40mm Oval FacetedBRBR423040F $31.00 
Bronzite Beads 30x40mm Oval WaveBRBR853040N $34.00 
Bronzite Beads 30x40mm Teardrop FacetedBRBR543040F $51.00 
Bronzite Beads 30x40mm Trapezoid FacetedBRBR553040F $42.00 
Bronzite Beads 40mm CoinBRBR140040N $37.00 
Bronzite Beads 40mm Coin WaveBRBR840040N $37.00 
Bronzite Beads 40x50mm Oval WaveBRBR854050N $40.00 
Bronzite Beads 40x60mm Rectangle FlatBRBR464060N $57.00 
Bronzite Beads 42x58mm Oval FlatBRBR424258N $57.00 
Bronzite Beads 45x58mm Oval FacetedBRBR424558F $37.00 
Bronzite Beads 4mm Rondelles FacetedBRBR490004F $23.00 
Bronzite Beads 4x8mm RondellesBRBR490408N $17.00 
Bronzite Beads 5x10mm NuggetsBRBR390510N $20.00 
Bronzite Beads 5x10mm RondellesBRBR490510N $20.00 
Bronzite Beads 6mm RoundBRBR500006N $9.00 
Bronzite Beads 6x12mm RondellesBRBR490612N $23.00 
Bronzite Beads 7x14mm RondellesBRBR490714N $29.00 
Bronzite Beads 8mm RoundBRBR500008N $11.00 
Bronzite Beads 8x12mm MarquisBRBR370812N $31.00 
Bronzite Beads 9x16mm RectangleBRBR460916N $31.00 
Brown Goldstone Faceted Flared Plugsfacgssp $30.00 
Brown Goldstone Flared Pluggssp $26.00 
Brown Goldstone Flared Tunnel Eyeletsgsst $29.00 
Brown Goldstone Spiralsgsss $32.00 
Brown Tiger Eye 11mm heart beadsTEBR320011N $18.00 
Brown Tiger Eye Flared Stone Plugstesp $26.00 
Buddha 40x55mm PendantIP003 $52.00 
Buddha Enlightenment 30mm PendantIP0029 $32.00 
Buddha Enlightenment 30mm PendantIP0019 $32.00 
Buddha Enlightenment 30mm PendantIP0025 $32.00 
Buddha Meditation 40x55mm PendantIP0011 $52.00 
Buddha Meditation 40x55mm PendantIP004 $52.00 
Buddha Meditation 55mm PendantIP005 $52.00 
Buffalo Bone All Directions Organic Earrings - BH83BH83 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Angry Tiki PendantTBP03 $32.00 
Buffalo Bone Ankh Organic Earrings - BH84BH84 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Antler Organic Earrings - BH79BH79 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Armored Spiral Organic Earrings - BH85BH85 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Black Star Plugbostpl $23.00 
Buffalo Bone Circle Star Plugbncsp $23.00 
Buffalo Bone Curled Dragon Organic Earrings - BH81BH81 $44.00 
Buffalo Bone Dayak Hook Organic Earrings - BH76BH76 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Diamond Tip Organic Earrings - BH66BH66 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Dolphin Tail Organic Earrings -BH38BH38 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Double Organic Earrings - BH44BH44 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Earring Style #1bbe1 $13.00 
Buffalo Bone Earring Style #10bbe10 $13.00 
Buffalo Bone Earring Style #2bbe2 $13.00 
Buffalo Bone Earring Style #3bbe3 $13.00 
Buffalo Bone Earring Style #4bbe4 $13.00 
Buffalo Bone Earring Style #5bbe5 $13.00 
Buffalo Bone Earring Style #6bbe6 $13.00 
Buffalo Bone Earring Style #7bbe7 $13.00 
Buffalo Bone Earring Style #8bbe8 $13.00 
Buffalo Bone Earring Style #9bbe9 $13.00 
Buffalo Bone Elegant Dangle Organic Earrings - BH62BH62 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Filigree Curl Organic Earrings - BH53BH53 $44.00 
Buffalo Bone Flame Hook Organic Earrings - BH64BH64 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Happy Tiki pendantTBP01 $32.00 
Buffalo Bone Hoop with Spiral Organic Earrings - BH87BH87 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Indian Tiki PendantTBP04 $32.00 
Buffalo Bone Inlay Curl Organic Earrings - BH82BH82 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Laughing Tiki PendantTBP02 $32.00 
Buffalo Bone Lightning Bolt Organic Earrings - BH86BH86 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Mohawk Spiral Organic Earrings - BH74BH74 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Mountain Spiral Organic Earrings - BH61BH68 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Nessie Organic Earrings - BH78BH78 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone OM Organic Earrings - BH59BH59 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Om Plugbnop $23.00 
Buffalo Bone Phoenix Wing Organic Earrings - BH70BH70 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Plugsbbp $18.00 
Buffalo Bone Razor Tribal Hoop Organic Earrings -BTH-06BTH6 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Shark Fin Organic Earrings - BH75BH75 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Simple Spiral Organic Earrings - BH77BH77 $26.00 
Buffalo Bone Sleeping Dragon Organic Earrings - BH58BH58 $44.00 
Buffalo Bone Spiked Hook Organic Earrings - BH80BH80 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Spiked Tribal Hoop Organic Earrings -BTH7BTH7 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Sun Ray Organic Earrings - BH60BH60 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Teardrops Organic Earrings - BH69BH69 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Toucan Organic Earrings BH39BH39 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Tribal King Organic Earrings - BH56BH56 $44.00 
Buffalo Bone Trinity Spiral Organic Earrings - BH63BH63 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Tulip Organic Earrings - BH52BH52 $29.00 
Buffalo Bone Tunnelsbtnl $26.00 
Buffalo Bone Tunnels with Green Lineblnt $29.00 
Buffalo Horn All Directions Organic Earrings - HH55hh55 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Ankh Organic Earrings - HH45hh45 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Antler Organic Earrings - HH47hh47 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Armored Spiral Organic Earrings - HH34hh34 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Armored Tribal Hoop Organic Earrings - TH2th2 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Bat Wing Organic Earrings - HH52hh52 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Boomerang Organic Earrings - HH29hh29 $26.00 
Buffalo Horn Celtic Cross Organic Earrings - HH37hh37 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Cleated Seahorse Organic Earrings - HH4hh4 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Coil Organic Earrings - HH68hh68 $26.00 
Buffalo Horn Corkscrew Organic Earringshhc $44.00 
Buffalo Horn Dancing Flame Organic Earrings - HH15hh15 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Dayak Hook Organic Earrings - HH35hh35 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Devil's Tail Organic Earrings - HH25hh25 $26.00 
Buffalo Horn Diamond Tip Organic Earrings - HH3hh3 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Dolphin Tail Hoop Organic Earrings - HH81hh81 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Double Hook Triangles Organic Earrings - HH13hh13 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Double Spiral Organic Earrings - HH30hh30 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Earring Style #1bhe1 $13.00 
Buffalo Horn Earring Style #10bhe10 $13.00 
Buffalo Horn Earring Style #2bhe2 $13.00 
Buffalo Horn Earring Style #3bhe3 $13.00 
Buffalo Horn Earring Style #4bhe4 $13.00 
Buffalo Horn Earring Style #5bhe5 $13.00 
Buffalo Horn Earring Style #6bhe6 $13.00 
Buffalo Horn Earring Style #7bhe7 $13.00 
Buffalo Horn Earring Style #8bhe8 $13.00 
Buffalo Horn Earring Style #9bhe9 $13.00 
Buffalo Horn Earring with Abalone Inlayewph33 $20.00 
Buffalo Horn Elegant Dangle Organic Earrings - HH50hh50 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Filigree Curl Organic Earrings - HH83hh83 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Fish Tail Tribal Hoop Organic Earrings - TH4th4 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Flame Hook Organic Earrings - HH61hh61 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Flaming Curl Spiral Organic Earrings - HH43hh43 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Flower Design Spiral Organic Earrings - HH80hh80 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Full Twist Organic Earrings - HH17hh17 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Half Twist Organic Earrings - HH12hh12 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Hammerhead Organic Earrings - HH46hh46 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Hanging Dragon Organic Earrings - HH73hh73 $44.00 
Buffalo Horn Hawks Beak Organic Earrings - HH85hh85 $26.00 
Buffalo Horn Hook Organic Earrings - HH31hh31 $26.00 
Buffalo Horn Hook Spiral Organic Earrings - HH9hh9 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Hook Split Tail Organic Earrings - HH16hh16 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Hoop with Spiral Organic Earrings - HH11hh11 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Inlay Curl Organic Earrings - HH54hh54 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Inlayed Spiral Organic Earrings - HH79hh79 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Lightning Bolt Organic Earrings - HH41hh41 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Mohawk Spiral Organic Earrings - HH19hh19 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Mountain Spiral Organic Earrings - HH24hh24 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Nessie Organic Earrings - HH21hh21 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn OM Hanger Organic Earrings - HH78hh78 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Om Plugshop $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Oval Spiral Organic Earrings - HH27hh27 $26.00 
Buffalo Horn Phoenix Wing Organic Earrings- HH57hh57 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Pincher Organic Earrings - HH71hh71 $29.00 
Buffalo Horn Plugsbhp $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Razor Tribal Hoop Organic Earrings - TH3th3 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Scorpions Tail Organic Earrings - HH28hh28 $29.00 
Buffalo Horn Seahorse Organic Earrings - HH2hh2 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Shark Fin Organic Earrings - HH48hh48 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Simple Spiral Organic Earrings - HH33hh33 $29.00 
Buffalo Horn Sleek Tribal Hoop Organic Earrings - TH5TH5 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Sleeping Dragon Organic Earrings - HH82hh82 $44.00 
Buffalo Horn Slithering Serpent Organic Earrings - HH5hh5 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Small Tribal Razor Organic Earrings - HH72hh72 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Spiked Curl Organic Earrings - HH36hh36 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Spiked Hook Organic Earrings - HH8hh8 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Spiked Swan Organic Earrings - HH6hh6 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Spiked Tribal Hoop Organic Earrings - TH1th1 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Spiral Diamond Organic Earrings - HH7hh7 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Square Spiral Organic Earrings - HH88hh88 $36.00 
Buffalo Horn Sun Ray Organic Earrings - HH49hh49 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Swan Organic Earrings - HH20hh20 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Teardrops Organic Earrings - HH23hh23 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Third Eye Organic Earrings - HH26hh26 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Third Eye with Holes Organic Earrings - HH86hh86 $36.00 
Buffalo Horn Toucan Hook Organic Earrings - HH65hh65 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Triangle Spiral Organic Earrings - HH10hh10 $29.00 
Buffalo Horn Tribal Hook Organic Earrings - HH87hh87 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Tribal King Organic Earrings - HH84hh84 $44.00 
Buffalo Horn Tribal Man Organic Earringstmh $42.00 
Buffalo Horn Tribal Swan Organic Earrings - HH22hh22 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Trinity Spiral Organic Earrings - HH18hh18 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Tulips Organic Earrings - HH42hh42 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Tunnelsbht $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Tunnels with White Linebllht $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Withering Rose Organic Earrings - HH32hh32 $26.00 
Canadian Jade "B.C." Pendant 30 x 40mm crossSP0025 $16.00 
Canadian Jade Beads- B.C. 6mm RoundJABC500006N $18.00 
Canadian Jade Beads-B.C. 25x33mm Rectangle WaveJABC462535N $37.00 
Canadian Jade Beads-B.C. 4x6mm RondellesJABC490406N $21.00 
Carnelian Agate Stone Faceted Flared Plugsfacp $21.00 
Carnelian Agate Stone Flared Plugcasp $25.00 
Carnelian Agate Stone Flared Tunnel Eyeletscast $29.00 
Carnelian Beads 10mm BarrelCAMU030010N $16.00 
Carnelian Beads 10mm Barrel FacetedCAMU030010F $36.00 
Carnelian Beads 10mm CoinCAMU140010N $13.00 
Carnelian Beads 10mm Teardrop FacetedCAOR540010F $36.00 
Carnelian Beads 10x10mm Bi-ConeCAMU051010N $8.00 
Carnelian Beads 10x11/18x20mm Briolette Faceted GraduaCAOR081011F $73.00 
Carnelian Beads 10x14mm RectangleCAOR461014N $9.00 
Carnelian Beads 10x20/16x33mm Sticks Faceted GraduatedCAOR531020F $135.00 
Carnelian Beads 10x21mm OvalCAMU421021N $17.00 
Carnelian Beads 11x16mm BottleCAOR071116N $20.00 
Carnelian Beads 11x16mm Bottle FlatCAMU071116N $20.00 
Carnelian Beads 12mm Rondelles Faceted IrregularCAMU490012F $18.00 
Carnelian Beads 12mm RoundCAOR500012N $8.00 
Carnelian Beads 12x16mm Drum with RondellesCAMU881216N $15.00 
Carnelian Beads 12x38mm Oval 4-SidedCAMU421238N $35.00 
Carnelian Beads 13x18mm Oval FlatCAOR421318N $13.00 
Carnelian Beads 13x18mm Oval PuffyCAMU681318N $15.00 
Carnelian Beads 14mm DonutCAOR240014N $15.00 
Carnelian Beads 14x15/18x19mm Briolette Faceted GraduaCAOR081415F $151.00 
Carnelian Beads 15mm Flower BonnetCAMU270015N $16.00 
Carnelian Beads 15x20mm Oval FlatCAOR421520N $13.00 
Carnelian Beads 15x30mm OvalCAOR421530N $31.00 
Carnelian Beads 18mm RoundCAMU500018N $18.00 
Carnelian Beads 20mm DiamondCAOR200020N $15.00 
Carnelian Beads 20x30mm Oval FlatCAOR422030N $12.00 
Carnelian Beads 23x36mm Oval FlatCAOR422336N $13.00 
Carnelian Beads 24x34mm Rectangle FlatCAOR462434N $29.00 
Carnelian Beads 25x35mm Rectangle FlatCAMU462535N $26.00 
Carnelian Beads 25x35mm Rectangle PuffyCAOR692535N $16.00 
Carnelian Beads 2x3mm Rondelles FacetedCAOR490203F $16.00 
Carnelian Beads 3/4mm RoundCAOR500304N $5.00 
Carnelian Beads 36mm CoinCAMU140036N $52.00 
Carnelian Beads 3mm RondellesCAOR490003N $5.00 
Carnelian Beads 3x5mm RondellesCAOR490305N $8.00 
Carnelian Beads 3x5mm RondellesCAMU490305N $15.00 
Carnelian Beads 3x8mm TeardropsCAOR540308N $8.00 
Carnelian Beads 4-6mm RoundCAMU500406N $25.00 
Carnelian Beads 40-45mm CoinCAOR144045N $42.00 
Carnelian Beads 4mm Coin FacetedCAOR140004F $39.00 
Carnelian Beads 4mm OvalCAMU420004N $7.00 
Carnelian Beads 4mm Rondelles FacetedCAOR490004F $32.00 
Carnelian Beads 4mm RoundCAOR500004N $11.00 
Carnelian Beads 4mm Round FacetedCAMU500004F $15.00 
Carnelian Beads 4mm WheelCAOR630004N $36.00 
Carnelian Beads 4x6mm RectangleCAOR460406N $8.00 
Carnelian Beads 4x8mm Oval FacetedCAOR420408F $21.00 
Carnelian Beads 4x8mm Teardrop FacetedCAOR540408F $34.00 
Carnelian Beads 5x6mm Oval FacetedCAOR420506F $28.00 
Carnelian Beads 5x8mm RondellesCAMU490508N $15.00 
Carnelian Beads 6mm ChipsCAOR130006N $7.00 
Carnelian Beads 6mm RoundCAOR500006N $14.00 
Carnelian Beads 6mm Round FacetedCAOR500006F $30.00 
Carnelian Beads 6x12mm TwistCAMU600612N $15.00 
Carnelian Beads 6x15mm TubeCAMU570615N $11.00 
Carnelian Beads 7x14mm Rhombus 6-SidedCAMU470714N $22.00 
Carnelian Beads 8-10mm ChipsCAMU130810N $8.00 
Carnelian Beads 8mm ChipsCAMU130008N $8.00 
Carnelian Beads 8mm RoundCAOR500008N $15.00 
Carnelian Beads 8mm Round FacetedCAOR500008F $34.00 
Carnelian Beads 8x10mm Oval FacetedCAMU420810F $47.00 
Carnelian Beads 8x9/11x11mm Briolette Faceted GraduateCAOR080809F $47.00 
Carnelian Beads Legers cut Oval Faceted 5x6mmNG197 $28.00 
Carnelian Beads Oval Faceted 4x8mmNG205 $21.00 
Carnelian Beads Rondelles 3mmNG70 $5.00 
Carnelian Beads Rondelles 3x5mmNG04 $8.00 
Carnelian Beads Rondelles Faceted 2x3mmNG171 $16.00 
Carnelian Beads Round 3/4mmNG79 $5.00 
Carnelian Beads Teardrop 3x8mmNG125 $8.00 
Carnelian Black Agate Oval Flat 12x20 mm.CABK421220N $26.00 
Carnelian Black Agate Rectangle Flat 15x20 mm.CABK461520N $16.00 
Carnelian Black Agate Rectangle Flat 25x35 mm.CABK462535N $23.00 
Carnelian Black Agate Round 10 mm.CABK500010N $16.00 
Carnelian Black Agate Round 4 mm.CABK500004N $8.00 
Carnelian Black Agate Round 6 mm.CABK500006N $10.00 
Carnelian Black Agate Round 8 mm.CABK500008N $13.00 
Carnelian Coin 25 mm.CAOR140025N $13.00 
Carnelian Coin 30 mm.CAOR140030N $18.00 
Carnelian Coin 30 mm.CAOR140031N $18.00 
Carnelian Coin 40 mm.CAOR140040N $23.00 
Carnelian Diamond 15x15 mm.CAOR201515N $13.00 
Carnelian Nuggets 12x16 mm.CAOR391216N $13.00 
Carnelian Oval 6x10 mm.CAOR420610N $13.00 
Carnelian Oval Flat 12x16 mm.CAOR421216N $16.00 
Carnelian Oval Flat plain 10x15 mm.CAOR421015N $13.00 
Carnelian Oval Twist 22x35 mm.CAOR422235N $20.00 
carnelian Pendant 30 x 40mm ovalSP0012 $5.00 
Carnelian Rectangles plain 25x35 mm.CAOR462535N $23.00 
Carnelian Round Faceted 8 mm.CAOR500008F $23.00 
Carnelian Teardrop 5x16 mm.CAOR540516N $16.00 
Carnelian Teardrop 6x16 mm.CAOR540616N $16.00 
Carnelian Teardrop Flat 6x16 mm.CAOR540617N $16.00 
Carnelian Teardrop Flat 8x14 mm.CAOR540814N $18.00 
Carnelian Teardrop Marquee 4x12 mm.CAOR540412N $21.00 
Carnelian Teardrop Marquee 6x18 mm.CAOR540618N $26.00 
Carved Black Rose Horn PlugsCBRHP $36.00 
Carved Borneo Horn PlugsCDHP $36.00 
Carved Cherry Flower Horn TunnelsCCFP $36.00 
Carved Flames Horn TunnelsCFHT $36.00 
Carved Pink Flower Horn PlugsCPFP $31.00 
Carved Red Flower Buffalo Horn PlugsRDCHP $31.00 
Carved Red Texas Star Buffalo Horn TunnelsRTXSTP $36.00 
Carved Rosace Buffalo Horn TunnelsRSCP $36.00 
Carved Rose Buffalo Horn PlugsCRSP $29.00 
Carved Spider Buffalo Horn TunnelsSPDP $34.00 
Carved Star Buffalo Horn PlugsCRVSP $36.00 
Carved Star Buffalo Horn TunnelsCSBHP $0.00 
Carved Swirl Horn Hollow PlugsCSLHP $36.00 
Carved Texas Star Buffalo Horn TunnelsTXSTP $36.00 
Carved Tsunami Buffalo Horn TunnelsTSNHP $36.00 
Celestite coin shaped beads in 20 mm.CEBL140020N $21.00 
Celestite drum shaped beads in 4x6 mm.CEBL250406N $31.00 
Chalcedony Aqua Beads 10x12mm Rondelles FacetedCDAQ491012F $46.00 
Chalcedony Aqua Beads 10x14mm DiamondCDAQ201014N $49.00 
Chalcedony Aqua Beads 11mm RoundCDAQ500011N $39.00 
Chalcedony Aqua Beads 12mm Round FacetedCDAQ500012F $50.00 
Chalcedony Aqua Beads 14x20mm TeardropCDAQ541420N $65.00 
Chalcedony Aqua Beads 5x8mm RondellesCDAQ490508N $29.00 
Chalcedony Aqua Beads 9x15mm Tube FacetedCDAQ570915F $34.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 10mm Coin FacetedCDBL140010F $146.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 10x12mm Oval FacetedCDBL421012F $146.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 10x12mm Rondelles FacetedCDBL491012F $54.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 10x14mm Rondelles FacetedCDBL491014F $62.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 12mm Coin FacetedCDBL140012F $80.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 12mm RoundCDBL500012N $39.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 12mm Round FacetedCDBL500012F $44.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 13x20mm Teardrop FacetedCDBL541320F $182.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 14mm Round FacetedCDBL500014F $286.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 14x17mm Rectangle FacetedCDBL461417F $131.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 14x20mm MarquisCDAQ371420N $60.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 18x22mm Oval FacetedCDBL421822F $84.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 2x4mm TeardropCDBL540204N $37.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 3x5mm Wheel FacetedCDBL630305F $36.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 3x6mm OvalCDBL420306N $37.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 4mm Round FacetedCDBL500004F $30.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 4x12mm RondellesCDBL490412N $31.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 4x8mm RondellesCDBL490408N $23.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 6mm Rondelles with RoundCDBL920006N $25.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 6x14mm Rondelle FacetedCDBL490614F $205.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 6x8mm Rondelles FacetedCDBL490608F $52.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 6x9mm Oval FacetedCDBL420609F $42.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 6x9mm Teardrop FacetedCDBL540609F $42.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 6x9mm Tube (6-Sided)CDBL570609N $37.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 6x9mm Wheel FacetedCDBL630609F $146.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 7mm Rondelle FacetedCDBL490007F $47.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 7x9mm OvalCDBL420709N $13.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 7x9mm Teardrop FacetedCDBL540709F $164.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 8mm LentilCDBL360008N $26.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 8mm Round FacetedCDBL500008F $125.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 8x10mm OvalCDBL420810N $42.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 8x10mm Oval FacetedCDBL420810F $42.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 8x10mm TeardropCDBL540810N $37.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 8x10mm WheelCDBL630810N $62.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 8x12mm TubeCDBL570812N $37.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 8x14mm TeardropCDBL540814N $70.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 9mm RoundCDBL500009N $13.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 9mm Round FacetedCDBL500009F $23.00 
Chalcedony Blue Beads 9x12mm Rondelles FacetedCDBL490912F $80.00 
Chalcedony Green Beads 10mm Diamond FacetedCDGN170010F $57.00 
Chalcedony Green Beads 10x11mm Rectangle FacetedCDGN461011F $92.00 
Chalcedony Green Beads 11mm RoundCDGN500011N $34.00 
Chalcedony Green Beads 12x15mm OvalCDGN421215N $31.00 
Chalcedony Green Beads 14x18mm Oval FacetedCDGN421418F $78.00 
Chalcedony Green Beads 15x18mm Rectangle FacetedCDGN461518F $150.00 
Chalcedony Green Beads 15x20mm Oval FacetedCDGN421520F $108.00 
Chalcedony Green Beads 18x22mm Teardrop FacetedCDGN541822F $54.00 
Chalcedony Green Beads 4x6mm RondellesCDGN490406N $40.00 
Chalcedony Green Beads 5x12mm RectangleCDGN460512N $11.00 
Chalcedony Green Beads 5x7mm RondellesCDGN490507N $46.00 
Chalcedony Green Beads 6x10mm Rondelles FacetedCDGN490610F $115.00 
Chalcedony Green Beads 6x14mm TubeCDGN570614N $23.00 
Chalcedony Green Beads 8mm RoundCDGN500008N $62.00 
Chalcedony Green Beads 8x12mm TeardropCDGN540812N $62.00 
Chalcedony Green Beads 9x15mm Teardrop FacetedCDGN540915F $80.00 
Chalcedony Orange Beads 12x20mm NuggetsCDOR391220N $18.00 
Chalcedony Pink Beads 10x14mm DiamondCDPI201014N $29.00 
Chalcedony Pink Beads 8mm RoundCDPI500008N $20.00 
Chalcedony Pink Beads 9x15mm Rondelles FacetedCDPI490915F $70.00 
Chalcedony Pink Beads 9x18mm MarquisCDPI370918N $32.00 
Chalcedony Red Beads 10mm Round FacetedCDRD500010F $41.00 
Chalcedony Red Beads 10x14mm DiamondCDRD201014N $39.00 
Charoite Beads 14mm Coin PuffyCRPL670014N $117.00 
Charoite Beads 15x20mm Oval PuffyCRPL681520N $130.00 
Charoite Beads 18mm Coin PuffyCRPL670018N $156.00 
Charoite Pendant with sterling silverSPCR01 $84.00 
Charoite Pendant with sterling silver 2SPCR02 $78.00 
Charoite Pendant with sterling silver 3SPCR03 $98.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 10mm CoinQUCE140010N $11.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 10mm Faceted RoundQUCE500010F $21.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 10mm HexagonQUCE0010N $13.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 10x13mm Oval CarvedQUCE421013N $16.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 10x14mm CushionQUCE181014N $13.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 10x15mm Faceted OvalQUCE421015F $21.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 10x16mm Dog BoneQUCE231016N $11.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 10x20mm Faceted FancyQUCE261020F $18.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 11x16mm Faceted RectangleQUCE1116F $18.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 12x20mm Faceted OvalQUCE421220F $21.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 13mm CoinQUCE140013N $13.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 13x18mm OvalQUCE421318N $0.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 13x18mm ScarabQUCE1318N $26.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 14mm Faceted TriangleQUCE560014F $23.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 15mm CoinQUCE140015N $11.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 15x20mm Faceted RectangleQUCE461520F $26.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 18mm RoseQUCE0018N $31.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 4mm CubesQUCE170004N $8.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 4mm RoundQUCE500004N $6.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 4x13mm RectangleQUCE460413N $8.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 4x6mm RiceQUCE480406N $8.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 6mm Faceted Rondelles and DrumsQUCE490006N $16.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 6mm RoundQUCE500006N $8.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 7x11mm Faceted OvalQUCE420711N $26.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 7x12mm TeardropQUCE540712N $10.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 8mm Faceted RoundQUCE500008F $16.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 8mm RoundQUCE500008N $9.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 8x10mm Faceted RectangleQUCE460810F $23.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 8x11mm Rondelles and DrumsQUCE490811N $16.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 8x12mm DrumsQUCE250812N $16.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 9mm Faceted OctagonQUCE400009F $16.00 
Cherry Quartz Beads 9x11mm TeardropQUCE540911N $13.00 
Cherry Quartz Pendant 30 x 40mm ovalSP0018 $5.00 
Cherry Quartz Pendant 30 x 40mm rectangleSP0017 $5.00 
Cherry Quartz Pendant 30 x 40mm rectangleSP0016 $5.00 
Cherry Quartz Pendant 30 x 40mm rectangleSP0013 $5.00 
Cherry Quartz Pendant 30 x 40mm squareSP0015 $5.00 
Cherry Quartz Pendant 30 x 40mm tear dropSP0014 $5.00 
Cherry Quartz Pendant 30 x 40mm tear dropSP0019 $5.00 
Chrysoprase Chinese Beads 10x14mm OvalCYCH421014N $23.00 
Chrysoprase Chinese Beads 13x18mm RectangleCYCH461318N $27.00 
Chrysoprase Chinese Beads 9x18mm NuggetCYCH390918N $30.00 
Chrysoprase Green Beads 10mm RondellesCYGN490010N $55.00 
Chrysoprase Green Beads 10x14mm OvalCYGN421014N $31.00 
Chrysoprase Green Beads 4mm RoundCYGN500004N $31.00 
Chrysoprase Green Beads 5x7mm OvalCYGN420507N $16.00 
Chrysoprase Green Beads 6-9mm RondellesCYGN490609N $31.00 
Chrysoprase Green Beads 6mm RoundCYGN500006N $29.00 
Chrysoprase Green Beads 7x15mm Animals MixCYGN010715N $47.00 
Chrysoprase Green Beads 8x10mm OvalCYGN420810N $29.00 
Chrysoprase Green Beads Small NuggetsCYGN39SMLLN $11.00 
Chrysoprase Lemon Beads 13x13mm Teardrop FacetedCYLE541313F $29.00 
Chrysoprase Lemon Beads 18mm SquareCYLE510018N $23.00 
Chrysoprase Lemon Beads 22x30mm Ladder - 8" StrandCYLE792230N $20.00 
Chrysoprase Lemon Beads 25x40mm MarquisCYLE372540N $31.00 
Chrysoprase Lemon Beads 6x8mm Teardrop FacetedCYLE540608F $46.00 
Citrine Beads 10mm RoundCIOR500010N $32.00 
Citrine Beads 10x19mm Nuggets Faceted Laser CutCIOR391019F $107.00 
Citrine Beads 11x12mm Nuggets Faceted Laser CutCIOR391112F $118.00 
Citrine Beads 12x20mm Nuggets Faceted Laser CutCIOR391220F $63.00 
Citrine Beads 20x28mm Faceted NuggetsCIOR392028F $39.00 
Citrine Beads 2x3mm Rondelles FacetedCIOR540203F $18.00 
Citrine Beads 3/4mm RoundCIOR500304N $7.00 
Citrine Beads 3x5mm RectangleCIOR460305N $6.00 
Citrine Beads 3x7mm Teardrop FacetedCIOR54037F $15.00 
Citrine Beads 4mm Rondelles FacetedCIOR490004F $70.00 
Citrine Beads 4mm RoundCIOR500004N $15.00 
Citrine Beads 4x6mm Oval FlatCIOR420406N $8.00 
Citrine Beads 4x6mm Oval PuffyCIOR680406N $10.00 
Citrine Beads 4x8mm Oval FacetedCIOR420408F $36.00 
Citrine Beads 6mm CoinCIOR140006N $10.00 
Citrine Beads 6mm RondellesCIOR490006N $10.00 
Citrine Beads 6x10mm Oval FacetedCIOR420610F $21.00 
Citrine Beads 6x9mm Tube FacetedCIOR570609F $104.00 
Citrine Beads 7x10mm Briolette FacetedCIOR080710F $83.00 
Citrine Beads 7x10mm OvalCIOR420710N $5.00 
Citrine Beads 8mm RoundCIOR500008N $21.00 
Citrine Beads 8mm Round FacetedCIOR500008F $31.00 
Citrine Beads 8mm Wheel FacetedCIOR630008F $62.00 
Citrine Beads 8x10mm Oval FlatCIOR420810N $26.00 
Citrine Beads Coin 3mmNG18 $8.00 
Citrine Beads Oval 7x10mmNG05 $5.00 
Citrine Beads Oval Faceted 6x10mmNG176 $21.00 
Citrine Beads Rectangle 3x5mmNG123 $6.00 
Citrine Beads Round 3/4mmNG81 $7.00 
Citrine Beads Small Chips - Long StrandCIOR13LONGN $10.00 
Citrine Beads Small CubesCIOR17SMLLN $8.00 
Citrine Beads Teardrop Faceted 2x3mmNG155 $15.00 
Citrine Beads Teardrop Faceted 3x7mmNG158 $15.00 
Clear Quartz Crystal Flared Stone Plugcqsp $26.00 
Coconut Flame Hook Spiral-HH40hh40 $0.00 
Coconut Simple Spiral-HH51hh51 $0.00 
Coconut Wood Diamond Tip spiral-HH67hh67 $31.00 
Crocodile Wood PlugsCWP $21.00 
Crocodile Wood TunnelsCWT $26.00 
Crocodile Wood with Abalone Inlay PlugsABCWP $31.00 
Crocodile Wood with Mother of Pearl Inlay PlugsMOPCWP $31.00 
Dalmation Jasper Flared Stone Plugsdjsp $26.00 
Dalmation Jasper Flared Stone Tunnel Eyeletsdjst $20.00 
Dalmation Jasper Stone PincherDJSPN $31.00 
Dancing Ganesh 30mm PendantIP0014 $32.00 
Dark Palm Wood PlugsDPWP $23.00 
Dark Palm Wood TunnelsDPWT $23.00 
Double Triangle Buffalo Horn Spiral Organic Earrings - HH1hh1 $31.00 
Dumortierite Beads 10mm RoundDUBL500010N $19.00 
Dumortierite Beads 30x40mm Oval FacetedDUBL423040F $34.00 
Dumortierite Beads 40mm Coin WaveDUBL140040N $34.00 
Dumortierite Beads 45x58mm Nuggets Freeform FacetedDUBL394558F $34.00 
Dumortierite Beads 45x58mm Oval FacetedDUBL424558F $34.00 
Dumortierite Beads 6mm RoundDUBL500006N $10.00 
Dumortierite Beads 8mm RoundDUBL500008N $15.00 
Dyed Turquoise Stone Flared Plugdtsp $26.00 
Emerald Plain Rondelles 4x6mm BeadsEMGR490406N $208.00 
Emerald Rondelles 3x5mm BeadsEMGR490305N $195.00 
Evil Eye Mother of Pearl Inlayed Horn Plugseemopp $31.00 
Fire Cherry Quartz Beads 12mm SquareQUFC510012N $26.00 
Fire Cherry Quartz Beads 12x20mm BarrelQUFC031220N $20.00 
Fire Cherry Quartz Beads 15x20mm Oval Flat FacetedQUFC421520F $27.00 
Fire Cherry Quartz Beads 15x20mm PillowQUFC441520N $20.00 
Fire Cherry Quartz Beads 15x20mm Rectangle PuffyQUFC691520N $19.00 
Fire Cherry Quartz Beads 15x20mm TVQUFC591520N $19.00 
Fire Cherry Quartz Beads 15x25mm Teardrop Faceted - 8"QUFC541525F $26.00 
Fire Cherry Quartz Beads 16x40mm TubeQUFC571640N $20.00 
Fire Cherry Quartz Beads 18x28mm Teardrop Faceted - 8"QUFC541828F $29.00 
Fire Cherry Quartz Beads 22x30mm Oval FlatQUFC422230N $20.00 
Fire Cherry Quartz Beads 25x35mm OvalQUFC422535N $19.00 
Fire Cherry Quartz Beads 35mm CoinQUFC140035N $26.00 
Fire Cherry Quartz Beads 5mm SquareQUFC510005N $19.00 
Flourite Flared Stone Plugsflsp $26.00 
Fluorite Beads 7x9mm Blue CubesFLBL170709N $16.00 
Fluorite Beads Multi Teardrop Faceted 5x12mmNG191 $33.00 
Fluorite Beads Rainbow Oval Faceted 5x8mmNG180 $24.00 
Fluorite Green Beads 3x6mm RondellesFLGN490306N $9.00 
Fluorite Green Beads 6mm RoundFLGN500006N $8.00 
Fluorite Green Beads 7mm RoundFLGN500007N $6.00 
Fluorite Multi Beads 5x12mm Teardrop FacetedFLMU540512F $33.00 
Fluorite Purple Beads 16mm RoundFLPL500016N $31.00 
Fluorite Purple Beads 18mm CoinFLPL140018N $13.00 
Fluorite Purple Beads 4mm RoundFLPL500004N $6.00 
Fluorite Purple Beads 6mm RoundFLPL500006N $8.00 
Fluorite Purple Beads 8mm RoundFLPL500008N $10.00 
Fluorite Rainbow Beads 3x6mm Teardrop Faceted Rainbow Teardrop FFLRB540306F $26.00 
Fluorite Rainbow Beads 5x8mm Oval FacetedFLRB420508F $24.00 
Flying Bone Dragon Organic Earringsdbh $42.00 
Fossil Coral Beads 25x48mm DiamondsCOFO202548N $36.00 
Fossil Coral Beads 30x40mm OvalCOFO423040N $42.00 
Fossil Coral Beads 7x9mm Graduated SticksCOFO530709N $130.00 
Fossil Jasper Flared Stone Plugsfjsp $26.00 
Fractal Horn TunnelsFRHT $29.00 
Fragipani Flower Black Horn Plugsffbp $34.00 
Fresh Water Pearls 4x5mm plain Rondelle beadsPLP490045N $10.00 
Fresh Water Pearls 4x6mm plain Rondelle beadsPLP490046N $13.00 
Fresh Water Pearls 8mm Faceted Round beadsPLP500008F $16.00 
Fresh Water Pearls Beige 6mm Round Faceted beadsPLBE500006F $32.00 
Fresh Water Pearls Black 12mm Round Faceted beadsPLBK500012F $32.00 
Fresh Water Pearls Blue 8mm Round Faceted beadsPLBL500008F $32.00 
Fresh Water Pearls Green 8mm Round Faceted beadsPLGN500008F $32.00 
Fresh Water Pearls Grey 5mm plain RoundPLGR500005N $5.00 
Fresh Water Pearls Mauve 12mm Faceted Round beadsPLMU500012F $21.00 
Fresh Water Pearls Peach 12mm Faceted Round beadsPLPH500012F $21.00 
Fresh Water Pearls Purple 8mm Round Faceted beadsPLPL500008F $32.00 
Fresh Water Pearls White 6mm plain round beadsPLWH500006N $20.00 
Ganesh 30mm PendantIP0013 $32.00 
Ganesh 30mm PendantIP0021 $32.00 
Ganesh 30mm PendantIP0027 $32.00 
Ganesh 30mm PendantIP0022 $32.00 
Ganesh 30mm PendantIP0026 $32.00 
Ganesh 30mm PendantIP0017 $32.00 
Ganesh 30mm PendantIP0023 $32.00 
Ganesh 40x55mm PendantIP007 $52.00 
Ganesh 55mm PendantGP001 $52.00 
Garnet Beads Coin 3mmNG52 $3.00 
Garnet Beads Drop 4x7mmNG02 $7.00 
Garnet Beads Hexagon 4x6mmNG91 $3.00 
Garnet Beads Oval 6x8mmNG10 $5.00 
Garnet Beads Oval Faceted 3x5mmNG157 $14.00 
Garnet Beads Rectangle 2x4mmNG71 $3.00 
Garnet Beads Rectangle 3x4mmNG93 $3.00 
Garnet Beads Rondelles 2x4mmNG09 $4.00 
Garnet Beads Rondelles 3mmNG46 $4.00 
Garnet Beads Rondelles Faceted 2x3mmNG165 $14.00 
Garnet Beads Round 3mmNG90 $6.00 
Garnet Beads Round 4mmNG08 $4.00 
Garnet Beads Teardrop 3x5mmNG146 $4.00 
Garnet Beads Teardrop Faceted 3x5mmNG193 $18.00 
Garnet Beads Teardrop Flat 3x5mmNG92 $3.00 
Garnet Beads Triangle 3x6mmNG45 $3.00 
Garnet Beads Tube 2x3mmNG40 $4.00 
Garnet Beads Tube 2x3mmNG68 $4.00 
Garnet Beads Tube 2x6mmNG58 $4.00 
Garnet Black Bead 10x15/11x18mm Briolette Faceted GraduatedGABK081015F $47.00 
Garnet Black Beads 10x14mm Teardrop Flat FacetedGABK641014F $130.00 
Garnet Black Beads 4x10mm Rondelles FacetedGABK490410F $136.00 
Garnet Black Beads 7x10/9x14mm Briolette Faceted GraduatedGABK080710F $34.00 
Garnet Black Beads 7x10/9x14mm Teardrop Faceted GraduatedGABK540710F $57.00 
Garnet Black Beads 7x10mm Teardrop Flat FacetedGABK640710F $120.00 
Garnet Black Beads 7x12mm Teardrop FacetedGABK540712F $72.00 
Garnet Black Beads 7x13mm Marquis FacetedGABK370713F $229.00 
Garnet Black Beads 8mm Coin FacetedGABK140008F $91.00 
Garnet Black Beads 8x10mm Teardrop Flat FacetedGABK640810F $104.00 
Garnet Black Beads 8x14mm Teardrop FacetedGABK540814F $325.00 
Garnet Black Beads 9mm Coin FacetedGABK140009F $68.00 
Garnet Black Beads 9x15mm Marquis FacetedGABK370915F $200.00 
Garnet Green Beads 10mm RondellesGAGN490010N $72.00 
Garnet Green Beads 10mm RoundGAGN500010N $60.00 
Garnet Green Beads 11mm DiceGAGN210011N $104.00 
Garnet Green Beads 12mm RoundGAGN500012N $60.00 
Garnet Green Beads 12x16mm Teardrop FacetedGAGN541216F $94.00 
Garnet Green Beads 12x30mm RectanglesGAGN461230N $156.00 
Garnet Green Beads 2x6mm Teardrop FacetedGAGN540206F $46.00 
Garnet Green Beads 3x5mm TeardropGAGN540305N $42.00 
Garnet Green Beads 4x4/7x9mm Briolette Faceted GraduatedGAGN080404F $229.00 
Garnet Green Beads 4x4/9x9mm Briolette Faceted GraduatedGAGN080909F $344.00 
Garnet Green Beads 4x6mm TeardropGAGN540406N $42.00 
Garnet Green Beads 4x8mm Rondelles FacetedGAGN490408F $364.00 
Garnet Green Beads 7mm RoundGAGN500007N $21.00 
Garnet Green Beads 8mm RondellesGAGN490008N $52.00 
Garnet Green Beads 8mm RoundGAGN500008N $46.00 
Garnet Red 3mm Rondelle BeadsGARD490003N $10.00 
Garnet Red Beads 10mm RoundGARD500010N $31.00 
Garnet Red Beads 2x3mm Rondelles FacetedGARD490203F $14.00 
Garnet Red Beads 2x3mm TubeGARD570203N $4.00 
Garnet Red Beads 2x4mm RectangleGARD460204N $3.00 
Garnet Red Beads 2x4mm RondellesGARD490204N $4.00 
Garnet Red Beads 2x4mm TeardropGARD540204N $4.00 
Garnet Red Beads 2x4mm TubeGARD570204N $4.00 
Garnet Red Beads 2x6mm OvalGARD420206N $6.00 
Garnet Red Beads 2x6mm Oval FacetedGARD420206F $47.00 
Garnet Red Beads 2x6mm TubeGARD570206N $4.00 
Garnet Red Beads 3mm CoinGARD140003N $3.00 
Garnet Red Beads 3mm RoundGARD500003N $6.00 
Garnet Red Beads 3mm TubeGARD570003N $5.00 
Garnet Red Beads 3x4mm RectangleGARD460304N $3.00 
Garnet Red Beads 3x5mm Oval FacetedGARD420305F $14.00 
Garnet Red Beads 3x5mm RhombusGARD470305N $6.00 
Garnet Red Beads 3x5mm TeardropGARD640305N $3.00 
Garnet Red Beads 3x5mm Teardrop FacetedGARD540305F $18.00 
Garnet Red Beads 3x6mm OvalGARD420306N $5.00 
Garnet Red Beads 3x6mm Teardrop FacetedGARD540306F $20.00 
Garnet Red Beads 3x6mm TriangleGARD560306N $3.00 
Garnet Red Beads 3x7mm Oval FacetedGARD420307F $17.00 
Garnet Red Beads 4mm Rondelles FacetedGARD490004F $26.00 
Garnet Red Beads 4mm RoundGARD500004N $4.00 
Garnet Red Beads 4mm Round FacetedGARD500004F $44.00 
Garnet Red Beads 4mm Square FacetedGARD510004F $44.00 
Garnet Red Beads 4mm Washer FacetedGARD620004F $68.00 
Garnet Red Beads 4x6mm HexagonGARD650406N $3.00 
Garnet Red Beads 4x6mm Teardrop FacetedGARD540406F $17.00 
Garnet Red Beads 4x7mm TeardropGARD540407N $7.00 
Garnet Red Beads 4x7mm Triangle FacetedGARD560407F $17.00 
Garnet Red Beads 5mm Coin FacetedGARD140005F $34.00 
Garnet Red Beads 5mm Teardrop FacetedGARD540005F $26.00 
Garnet Red Beads 5mm Washer FacetedGARD620005F $34.00 
Garnet Red Beads 5x11mm Twist Spiral FacetedGARD600511F $135.00 
Garnet Red Beads 5x14mm TubeGARD570514N $8.00 
Garnet Red Beads 5x5mm Hexagon FacetedGARD650505F $58.00 
Garnet Red Beads 5x5mm Teardrop FacetedGARD540505F $17.00 
Garnet Red Beads 5x6mm Halfmoon FacetedGARD310506F $17.00 
Garnet Red Beads 5x6mm Triangle Puffy FacetedGARD870506F $17.00 
Garnet Red Beads 5x7mm Diamond FacetedGARD200507F $17.00 
Garnet Red Beads 5x7mm Oval FacetedGARD420507F $17.00 
Garnet Red Beads 6mm CoinGARD140006N $4.00 
Garnet Red Beads 6mm Rondelles FacetedGARD490006F $5.00 
Garnet Red Beads 6mm RoundGARD500006N $12.00 
Garnet Red Beads 6mm Round FacetedGARD500006F $34.00 
Garnet Red Beads 6mm Washer FacetedGARD620006F $99.00 
Garnet Red Beads 6x14mm TubeGARD570614N $26.00 
Garnet Red Beads 6x6mm Teardrop FacetedGARD540606F $17.00 
Garnet Red Beads 6x7mm Briolette FacetedGARD080607F $135.00 
Garnet Red Beads 6x8mm OvalGARD420608N $5.00 
Garnet Red Beads 7mm RondellesGARD490007N $9.00 
Garnet Red Beads 7mm RoundGARD500007N $17.00 
Garnet Red Beads 9mm RoundGARD500009N $23.00 
Garnet Rhodolite 4x6mm Teardrop Faceted BeadsGART490406F $136.00 
Gaspeite Pendant with sterling silverSPGP01 $117.00 
Gold Filled Chain - 1318 FDG1318FDG $525.00 
Gold Filled Chain - 1318 G1318G $655.00 
Gold Filled Chain - 15 BELG15BELG $146.00 
Gold Filled Chain - 16 DFG16DFG $624.00 
Gold Filled Chain - 16 DG16DG $624.00 
Gold Filled Chain - 1613 G1613G $894.00 
Gold Filled Chain - 168 FG168FG $676.00 
Gold Filled Chain - 16FIG201 G16FIG201G $702.00 
Gold Filled Chain - 1816 G1816G $1,352.00 
Gold Filled Chain - 1831 FG1831FG $785.00 
Gold Filled Chain - 2009 CFFG2009CFFG $910.00 
Gold Filled Chain - 2021 G2021G $650.00 
Gold Filled Chain - 208 FG208FG $455.00 
Gold Filled Chain - 258 FG258FG $650.00 
Gold Filled Chain - 2911 G2911G $5,200.00 
Gold Filled Chain - 3811 G3811G $6,500.00 
Gold Filled Chain - 4005 G4005G $3,900.00 
Goldstone Blue Beads 10mm RoundGSBL500010N $15.00 
Goldstone Blue Beads 4mm RoundGSBL500004N $7.00 
Goldstone Blue Beads 6mm Rondelles FacetedGSBL490006F $23.00 
Goldstone Blue Beads 6mm RoundGSBL500006N $10.00 
Goldstone Blue Beads 8mm RoundGSBL500008N $13.00 
Goldstone Brown Beads 10mm RoundGSBR500010N $15.00 
Goldstone Brown Beads 4mm RoundGSBR500004N $6.00 
Goldstone Brown Beads 4mm Round FacetedGSBR500004F $18.00 
Goldstone Brown Beads 4x6mm Rondelles FacetedGSBR490406F $23.00 
Goldstone Brown Beads 6mm RoundGSBR500006N $8.00 
Goldstone Brown Beads 6mm Round FacetedGSBR500006F $19.00 
Goldstone Brown Beads 8mm RoundGSBR500008N $10.00 
Goldstone Green Beads 4mm RoundGSGR500004N $6.00 
Goldstone Green Beads 4x6mm Rondelles FacetedGSGR490406F $26.00 
Goldstone Green Beads 6mm RoundGSGR500006N $8.00 
Goldstone Green Beads 8mm RoundGSGR500008N $10.00 
Green Amethyst Beads 10x16mm Nuggets Faceted Laser CutAMGN391016F $264.00 
Green Amethyst Beads 13x22mm Nuggets Faceted Laser CutAMGN391322F $246.00 
Green Aventurine Beads 13x18mm Nuggets FacetedADGN391318F $16.00 
Green Aventurine Pendant 30 x 40mm circleSP0024 $5.00 
Green Aventurine Pendant 30 x 40mm circle facetedSP0020 $10.00 
Green Aventurine Pendant 30 x 40mm ovalSP0022 $5.00 
Green Aventurine Pendant 30 x 40mm rectangleSP0023 $5.00 
Green Aventurine Pendant 30 x 40mm tear dropSP0021 $5.00 
Green Aventurine Stone Flared Pluggasp $25.00 
Green Aventurine Stone Flared Tunnel Eyeletsgravst $27.00 
Green Aventurine Stone SpiralGASS $32.00 
Green Chalcedony Beads 17x22mm Nuggets FacetedCDGN391722F $32.00 
Green Chalcedony Beads 18x22mm NuggetsCDGN391822N $21.00 
Green Chalcedony Beads 20x25mm Nuggets FacetedCDGN392025F $58.00 
Green Garnet Beads 15x15mm Nuggets FacetedGAGN391515F $98.00 
Green Garnet Beads 17x26mm Nuggets FacetedGAGN391726F $162.00 
Green Garnet Beads Nuggets Medium GraduatedGAGN39MEDMN $198.00 
Green Goldstone Flared Plugggssp $25.00 
Green Goldstone Spiralsgrgsss $32.00 
Green Marble Flared Stone Plugsgsmsp $25.00 
Green Spot Marble Flared Stone Plugsmasp $23.00 
Hawaiian Flower Horn TunnelsHFHT $23.00 
Hematite Beads 2mm RoundHMBK500002N $5.00 
Hematite Beads 4mm CubeHMBK170004N $2.00 
Hematite Beads 4mm HeartHMBK320004N $5.00 
Hematite Beads 4mm RoundHMBK500004N $1.00 
Hematite Beads 4mm StarHMBK520004N $5.00 
Hematite Beads 4x12mm TubeHMBK570412N $3.00 
Hematite Beads 4x5mm DrumHMBK250405N $3.00 
Hematite Beads 4x6mm TubeHMBK570406N $2.00 
Hematite Beads 4x7mm RiceHMBK480407N $2.00 
Hematite Beads 5mm RondellesHMBK490005N $4.00 
Hematite Beads 5x5mm DrumHMBK250505N $3.00 
Hematite Beads 5x5mm HexagonHMBK650505N $3.00 
Hematite Beads 5x7mm TubeHMBK570507N $3.00 
Hematite Beads 6mm DrumHMBK250006N $3.00 
Hematite Beads 6mm HeartHMBK320006N $5.00 
Hematite Beads 6mm RoundHMBK500006N $2.00 
Hematite Beads 8mm RoundHMBK500008N $3.00 
Hematite Beads 8mm Round FacetedHMBK500008F $10.00 
Hematite Flared Stone Plugshsp $26.00 
Hematite Flared Stone Tunnel Eyeletshest $26.00 
Hematite Stone Spiralshemss $32.00 
Hessonite Beads 2x4mm RectangleHSOR460204N $8.00 
Hessonite Beads 3x6mm TeardropHSOR640306N $8.00 
Hessonite Beads 3xmm Teardrop FacetedHSMU540305F $26.00 
Hessonite Beads 4mm Coin FacetedHSOR140004F $34.00 
Hessonite Beads 5mm RoundHSOR500005N $8.00 
Hessonite Beads 5x7mm Teardrop FacetedHSDK540507F $416.00 
Hessonite Beads 5x7mm Teardrop Flat FacetedHSLT640507F $286.00 
Hessonite Beads 6mm CoinHSOR140006N $8.00 
Hessonite Beads 6mm OvalHSOR420006N $8.00 
Hessonite Beads 6x10mm OvalHSOR420610N $36.00 
Hessonite Beads 7x14mm Teardrop FacetedHSDK540714F $1,326.00 
Hessonite Beads Round 5mmNG148 $8.00 
Hessonite Beads Teardrop Faceted 3x5mmNG190 $26.00 
Horn Dragon Organic Earringsdhh $44.00 
Howlite Beads Rectangle 4x8mmNG50 $4.00 
Howlite Blue Turquoise Coin plain 10 mm.HOTU140010N $16.00 
Howlite Blue Turquoise Coin plain 25 mm.HOTU140025N $21.00 
Howlite Blue Turquoise Coin plain 8 mm.HOTU140008N $13.00 
Howlite Blue Turquoise marqueeHOTU370000N $31.00 
Howlite Blue Turquoise Rondelle plain 5x11 mm.HOTU490511N $16.00 
Howlite Blue Turquoise Rondelle plain 8x14 mm.HOTU490814N $21.00 
Howlite Blue Turquoise Round 8 mm.HOTU500009N $26.00 
Howlite Lapis Beads 4x6mm Rondelles FacetedHOLA490406F $23.00 
Howlite Malachite Beads 15mm CoinHOMA140015N $13.00 
Howlite Stone Flared Plugwhsp $36.00 
Howlite Stone Flared Tunnel Eyeletswhst $28.00 
Howlite Turquoise Beads 10mm RoundHOTU500010N $14.00 
Howlite Turquoise Beads 14mm Coin PuffyHOTU670014N $12.00 
Howlite Turquoise Beads 14mm Square PuffyHOTU740014N $12.00 
Howlite Turquoise Beads 4mm RoundHOTU500004N $6.00 
Howlite Turquoise Beads 4x8mm RectangleHOTU460408N $4.00 
Howlite Turquoise Beads 5mm WheelHOTU630005N $12.00 
Howlite Turquoise Beads 8mm RoundHOTU500008N $10.00 
Howlite Turquoise Beads 8x15mm Rectangle PuffyHOTU690815N $12.00 
Howlite White Beads 10mm RoundHOWH500010N $14.00 
Howlite White Beads 4mm RoundHOWH500004N $6.00 
Howlite White Beads 6mm RoundHOWH500006N $7.00 
Howlite White Beads 7x9mm CubeHOWH170709N $16.00 
Howlite White Beads 8mm RoundHOWH500008N $9.00 
Hypersthene Beads 10mm RoundHYBK500010N $55.00 
Hypersthene Beads 14mm RoundHYBK500014N $114.00 
Hypersthene Beads 18x25mm TeardropHYBK541825N $65.00 
Hypersthene Beads 35mm CoinHYBK140035N $78.00 
Indian Agate Stone Flared Plugiasp $26.00 
Indian Enlightenment 40x55mm PendantIP009 $52.00 
Iolite Beads 10mm Rondelles FacetedIOBL490010F $139.00 
Iolite Beads 12x20mm Nuggets FacetedIOBL391220F $23.00 
Iolite Beads 13mm Oval FacetedIOBL420013F $49.00 
Iolite Beads 14x14mm NuggetsIOBL391414N $20.00 
Iolite Beads 2x3mm Rondelles FacetedIOBL490203F $15.00 
Iolite Beads 2x4mm Rectangle FacetedIOBL460204F $36.00 
Iolite Beads 3x5mm Cube FacetedIOBL170305F $19.00 
Iolite Beads 3x5mm OvalIOBL420305N $8.00 
Iolite Beads 3x5mm RectangleIOBL460305N $8.00 
Iolite Beads 4mm Coin FacetedIOBL140004F $36.00 
Iolite Beads 4mm Cube FacetedIOBL170004F $7.00 
Iolite Beads 4mm Dice FacetedIOBL210004F $70.00 
Iolite Beads 4mm Dice FacetedIOBL210004F $70.00 
Iolite Beads 4x6mm Oval FacetedIOBL420406N $24.00 
Iolite Beads 4x6mm Rondelles FacetedIOBL490406F $39.00 
Iolite Beads 4x7mm Teardrop FacetedIOBL540407F $24.00 
Iolite Beads 4x8mm OvalIOBL420408N $9.00 
Iolite Beads 5mm RondellesIOBL490005N $10.00 
Iolite Beads 5mm Rondelles FacetedIOBL490005F $39.00 
Iolite Beads 5x8mm Rondelles FacetedIOBL490508F $52.00 
Iolite Beads 5x8mm Teardrop FacetedIOBL540508F $24.00 
Iolite Beads 6mm RoundIOBL500006N $14.00 
Iolite Beads 6x14mm Nuggets FacetedIOBL390614F $26.00 
Iolite Beads 7x10mm Teardrop FacetedIOBL540710F $39.00 
Iolite Beads 7x12mm Twisted Drop FacetedIOBL710712F $177.00 
Iolite Beads 8mm RoundIOBL500008N $16.00 
Iolite Beads 8x10mm Oval FacetedIOBL420810F $39.00 
Iolite Beads 8x10mm Rectangle FacetedIOBL460810F $31.00 
Iolite Beads 8x12mm Oval FacetedIOBL420812F $62.00 
Iolite Beads Cube Faceted 3x5mmNG156 $19.00 
Iolite Beads Medium Nuggets FacetedIOBL39MEDMF $34.00 
Iolite Beads Oval 3x5mmNG37 $5.00 
Iolite Beads Oval Faceted 4x6mmNG150 $24.00 
Iolite Beads Rectangle 3x5mmNG28 $6.00 
Iolite Beads Rondelles Faceted 2x3mmNG163 $15.00 
Iolite Beads Teardrop Faceted 4x7mmNG192 $24.00 
Iolite Beads Teardrop Faceted 4x7mmNG160 $24.00 
Jade Afghan Beads 14x20 RectangleJAAG461420N $14.00 
Jade Afghan Beads 20mm HexagonJAAG650020N $14.00 
Jade Afghan Beads 20x40mm Oval FlatJAAG422040N $14.00 
Jade Burma Multicolor Beads 4mm RoundJABM500004N $17.00 
Jade Burma Multicolor Beads 6mm RoundJABM500006N $20.00 
Jade Burma Multicolor Beads 8mm RoundJABM500008N $22.00 
Jade Butter Beads 4mm RoundJABU500004N $6.00 
Jade Butter Beads 8mm RoundJABU500008N $9.00 
Jade Butter Beads 8x12mm RectangleJABU460812N $16.00 
Jade Canadian ovalJABC420000N $16.00 
Jade Chinese Beads 6mm RoundJACH500006N $9.00 
Jade Chinese Beads 8mm RoundJACH500008N $10.00 
Jade Dyed Red Beads 12x22m CushionJADY181222N $16.00 
Jade Honey Beads 12x22mm Cushion FacetedJAHO181222F $16.00 
Jade Honey Beads 6x8mm Rectangle FacetedJAHO460608F $5.00 
Jade Honey Beads 8x10mm Pillow FacetedJAHO440810F $31.00 
Jade Honey Beads Medium Nuggets FacetedJAHO39MEDMF $16.00 
Jade Marble Flared Stone Plugsjmsp $26.00 
Jade Nephrite Beads 40x60mm Oval FlatJANE424060N $57.00 
Jade Nephrite Beads 40x60mm Rectangle FlatJANE464060N $57.00 
Jade New Fire Beads 13x18mm Nuggets FacetedJANF391318F $16.00 
Jade New Fire Beads 18x25mm Oval PuffyJANF681825N $27.00 
Jade New Fire Beads 22x30mm Trapezoid FacetedJANF552230F $37.00 
Jade New Fire Beads 25mm Coin PuffyJANF670025N $25.00 
Jade New Fire Beads 30mm CoinJANF140030N $31.00 
Jade New Fire Beads 30x40mm Rectangle WavyJANF463040N $34.00 
Jade New Fire Beads 40mm CoinJANF140040N $37.00 
Jade New Fire Beads 45x58 Oval FacetedJANF424558F $37.00 
Jade New Fire Beads 6mm RoundJANF500006N $7.00 
Jade Olive Beads 10mm CoinJAOL140010N $11.00 
Jade Olive Beads 12x22mm CushionJAOL181222N $16.00 
Jade Olive Beads 4mm RoundJAOL500004N $6.00 
Jade Olive Beads 6mm RoundJAOL500006N $7.00 
Jade Olive Beads 8mm RoundJAOL500008N $9.00 
Jade Russian Beads 10x14mm Oval PuffyJARU681014N $37.00 
Jade Russian Beads 18x25mm Oval PuffyJARU681825N $27.00 
Jade Russian Beads 22x30mm OvalJARU422230N $31.00 
Jade Russian Beads 22x30mm Rectangle WavyJARU462230N $31.00 
Jade Russian Beads 30mm CoinJARU140030N $31.00 
Jade Russian Beads 30mm SquareJARU510030N $31.00 
Jade Russian Beads 30x40mm Oval FlatJARU423040N $34.00 
Jade Russian Beads 30x40mm Rectangle PuffyJARU693040N $31.00 
Jade Russian Beads 30x40mm Rectangle WaveJARU463040N $34.00 
Jade Russian Beads 40mm CoinJARU140040N $37.00 
Jade Russian Beads 40mm SquareJARU510040N $37.00 
Jade Russian Beads 40x50mm Oval WaveJARU424050N $34.00 
Jade Russian Beads 40x50mm Rectangle WavyJARU464050N $41.00 
Jade Russian Beads 45x58mm Oval FacetedJARU424558F $37.00 
Jade Serpentine Beads 10mm Faceted RoundJASE500010F $16.00 
Jade Serpentine Beads 10mm RoundJASE500010N $10.00 
Jade Serpentine Beads 15mm CoinJASE140015N $9.00 
Jade Serpentine Beads 4mm RoundJASE500004N $6.00 
Jade Serpentine Beads 6mm RoundJASE500006N $7.00 
Jade Serpentine Beads 8mm RoundJASE500008N $9.00 
Jade Serpentine Beads Small ChipsJASE13SMLLN $16.00 
Jade Yellow Beads 10mm RoundJAYE500010N $12.00 
Jade Yellow Beads 4mm RoundJAYE500004N $6.00 
Jade Yellow Beads 6mm RoundJAYE500006N $7.00 
Jade Yellow Beads 8mm RoundJAYE500008N $9.00 
Jasper American Picture Beads 10x14mm CushionJSAP181014N $16.00 
Jasper American Picture Beads 10x14mm OvalJSAP421014N $15.00 
Jasper American Picture Beads 2x4mm HeisheJSAP330204N $10.00 
Jasper American Picture Beads 4mm CubeJSAP170004N $8.00 
Jasper American Picture Beads 4mm RoundJSAP500004N $8.00 
Jasper American Picture Beads 4x13mm RectangleJSAP460413N $8.00 
Jasper American Picture Beads 4x13mm TubeJSAP570413N $8.00 
Jasper American Picture Beads 4x6mm RiceJSAP480406N $9.00 
Jasper American Picture Beads 6mm RoundJSAP500006N $9.00 
Jasper American Picture Beads 8mm RoundJSAP500008N $10.00 
Jasper American Picture Beads 8x10mm OvalJSAP420810N $15.00 
Jasper Autumn Stone Beads 12mm CoinJSAS140012N $19.00 
Jasper Autumn Stone Beads 15mm Coin PuffyJSAS670015N $11.00 
Jasper Autumn Stone Beads 18x25mm OvalJSAS421825N $26.00 
Jasper Autumn Stone Beads 22x30mm RectangleJSAS462230N $31.00 
Jasper Autumn Stone Beads 25mm CoinJSAS140025N $25.00 
Jasper Autumn Stone Beads 30x40mm OvalJSAS423040N $34.00 
Jasper Autumn Stone Beads 35mm CoinJSAS140035N $34.00 
Jasper Autumn Stone Beads 40x50mm OvalJSAS424050N $42.00 
Jasper Autumn Stone Beads 40x50mm RectangleJSAS464050N $41.00 
Jasper Autumn Stone Beads 4x8mm RondellesJSAS490408N $18.00 
Jasper Autumn Stone Beads 8mm RoundJSAS500008N $9.00 
Jasper Beads Red Round 6/7mmNG101 $8.00 
Jasper Chrysocolla Beads 10mm RoundJSCY500010N $13.00 
Jasper Chrysocolla Beads 13x18mm BarrelJSCY031318N $17.00 
Jasper Chrysocolla Beads 16mm RoundJSCY500016N $25.00 
Jasper Chrysocolla Beads 17x34mm BarrelJSCY031734N $21.00 
Jasper Chrysocolla Beads 23x35mm MelonJSCY382235N $20.00 
Jasper Chrysocolla Beads 25x35mm RectangleJSCY462535N $20.00 
Jasper Chrysocolla Beads 25x44mm Half MoonJSCY312544N $19.00 
Jasper Chrysocolla Beads 30x40mm OvalJSCY423040N $20.00 
Jasper Chrysocolla Beads 4x13mm RectangleJSCY460413N $6.00 
Jasper Chrysocolla Beads 4x6mm RiceJSCY480204N $7.00 
Jasper Chrysocolla Beads 6mm RoundJSCY500006N $7.00 
Jasper Chrysocolla Beads 8x12mm CapsuleJSCY120812N $17.00 
Jasper Dalmatian Beads 10mm CoinJSDA140010N $11.00 
Jasper Dalmatian Beads 10mm RoundJSDA500010N $11.00 
Jasper Dalmatian Beads 13x18mm Nuggets FacetedJSDA391318F $16.00 
Jasper Dalmatian Beads 15mm CoinJSDA140015N $11.00 
Jasper Dalmatian Beads 3mm RoundJSDA500003N $9.00 
Jasper Dalmatian Beads 4mm RoundJSDA500004N $5.00 
Jasper Dalmatian Beads 6mm RoundJSDA500006N $7.00 
Jasper Dalmatian Beads 7x10mm OvalJSDA420710N $4.00 
Jasper Dalmatian Beads 8mm RoundJSDA500008N $9.00 
Jasper Dalmatian Beads Oval 7x10mmNG54 $4.00 
Jasper Elephant Beads 10x14mm Rectangle PuffyJSEL691014N $22.00 
Jasper Elephant Beads 15x20mm Rectangle w/BeadJSEL461520N $27.00 
Jasper Elephant Beads 15x30mm Oval w/BeadJSEL421530N $32.00 
Jasper Elephant Beads 8x15mm CushionJSEL180815N $21.00 
Jasper Greenbirdstone Beads 8mm RoundJSGB500008N $9.00 
Jasper Greenspot Beads 10x18mm TubeJSGS571018N $26.00 
Jasper Greenspot Beads 10x35mm OvalJSGS421035N $22.00 
Jasper Greenspot Beads 18x18mm Flower Morning GloryJSGS270018N $29.00 
Jasper Greenspot Beads 22x30mm OvalJSGS422230N $22.00 
Jasper Greenspot Beads 25x35mm RectangleJSGS462535N $26.00 
Jasper Greenspot Beads 35mm CoinJSGS140035N $26.00 
Jasper Greenspot Beads 40x50mm NuggetsJSGS394050N $31.00 
Jasper Greenspot Beads 40x60mm RectangleJSGS464060N $57.00 
Jasper Hema Beads 15x30mm Rectangle PuffyJSHE691530N $28.00 
Jasper Hema Beads 18x36mm Barrel PuffyJSHE831836N $28.00 
Jasper Hema Beads 25mm CoinJSHE140025N $27.00 
Jasper Hema Beads 25x30mm Oval FlatJSHE422530N $28.00 
Jasper Kambaba Beads 16x20mm RectangleJSKA461620N $21.00 
Jasper Kambaba Beads 20x30mm Oval FlatJSKA422030N $31.00 
Jasper Kambaba Beads 30mm CoinJSKA140030N $31.00 
Jasper Kambaba Beads 6mm RoundJSKA500006N $8.00 
Jasper Kambaba Beads 8mm RoundJSKA500008N $9.00 
Jasper Kiwi Beads 10mm RondellesJSKI490010N $12.00 
Jasper Kiwi Beads 12x22mm CushionJSKI181222N $16.00 
Jasper Kiwi Beads 25x35mm Oval FlatJSKI422535N $27.00 
Jasper Kiwi Beads 30mm CoinJSKI140030N $31.00 
Jasper Kiwi Beads 4x13mm RectangleJSKI460413N $6.00 
Jasper Kiwi Beads 6mm CubeJSKI170006N $7.00 
Jasper Kiwi Beads 8mm RondellesJSKI490008N $12.00 
Jasper Kiwi Beads 8x12mm TubeJSKI570812N $17.00 
Jasper Leopard Skin Beads 10mm CoinJSLS140010N $11.00 
Jasper Leopard Skin Beads 10mm RoundJSLS500010N $14.00 
Jasper Leopard Skin Beads 13x13mm Teardrop FacetedJSLS541313F $25.00 
Jasper Leopard Skin Beads 15mm Coin PuffyJSLS670015N $11.00 
Jasper Leopard Skin Beads 25x35mm Oval FlatJSLS422535N $26.00 
Jasper Leopard Skin Beads 6mm RoundJSLS500006N $8.00 
Jasper Leopard Skin Beads 8mm RoundJSLS500008N $9.00 
Jasper Ocean Beads 10mm Lantern FacetedJSOC340010F $34.00 
Jasper Ocean Beads 10mm PillowJSOC440010N $34.00 
Jasper Ocean Beads 10mm RoundJSOC500010N $26.00 
Jasper Ocean Beads 12x16mm Oval FacetedJSOC421216F $55.00 
Jasper Ocean Beads 12x16mm Teardrop FacetedJSOC541216F $23.00 
Jasper Ocean Beads 12x16mm Teardrop FreeFormJSOC541216N $24.00 
Jasper Ocean Beads 12x22mm CushionJSOC181222N $23.00 
Jasper Ocean Beads 13x18mm Oval FacetedJSOC421318F $57.00 
Jasper Ocean Beads 14x18mm RondellesJSOC491418N $42.00 
Jasper Ocean Beads 15x20mm Rectangle FacetedJSOC461520F $39.00 
Jasper Ocean Beads 15x25mm Teardrop FacetedJSOC541525F $23.00 
Jasper Ocean Beads 25x35mm Rectangle FlatJSOC462535N $31.00 
Jasper Ocean Beads 5x8mm RondellesJSOC490508N $28.00 
Jasper Ocean Beads 6mm RoundJSOC500006N $8.00 
Jasper Ocean Beads 6x10mm RondellesJSOC490610N $31.00 
Jasper Ocean Beads 6x8mm Oval FacetedJSOC420608F $45.00 
Jasper Ocean Beads 8mm RoundJSOC500008N $10.00 
Jasper Paintbrush Beads 18mm RoundJSPB500018N $37.00 
Jasper Paintbrush Beads 20mm RoundJSPB500020N $45.00 
Jasper Paintbrush Beads 22x30mm Oval FlatJSPB422230N $22.00 
Jasper Paintbrush Beads 22x30mm RectangleJSPB462230N $23.00 
Jasper Paintbrush Beads 25x35mm DrumJSPB252535N $29.00 
Jasper Paintbrush Beads 25x35mm Oval FlatJSPB422535N $26.00 
Jasper Paintbrush Beads 25x35mm Rectangle FlatJSPB462535N $26.00 
Jasper Paintbrush Beads 25x35mm Teardrop FlatJSPB542535N $26.00 
Jasper Paintbrush Beads 30mm CoinJSPB140030N $23.00 
Jasper Paintbrush Beads 30mm DiamondJSPB200030N $23.00 
Jasper Paintbrush Beads 35mm CrossJSPB160035N $26.00 
Jasper Paintbrush Beads 40x50mm Oval WaveJSPB424050N $31.00 
Jasper Pendant 30 x 40mm circleSP0030 $5.00 
Jasper Pendant 30 x 40mm circleSP0033 $5.00 
Jasper Pendant 30 x 40mm ovalSP0035 $5.00 
Jasper Pendant 30 x 40mm ovalSP0031 $5.00 
Jasper Pendant 30 x 40mm ovalSP0032 $5.00 
Jasper Pendant 30 x 40mm ovalSP0027 $5.00 
Jasper Pendant 30 x 40mm ovalSP0026 $5.00 
Jasper Pendant 30 x 40mm rectangle facetedSP0034 $10.00 
Jasper Pendant 30 x 40mm tear dropSP0327 $5.00 
Jasper Pendant 30 x 40mm tear dropSP0029 $5.00 
Jasper Pendant 30 x 40mm tear dropSP0028 $5.00 
Jasper Pendant 30 x 40mm tear dropSP0036 $5.00 
Jasper Picasso Beads 10mm RoundJSPS500010N $12.00 
Jasper Picasso Beads 4mm RoundJSPS500004N $8.00 
Jasper Picasso Beads 6mm RoundJSPS500006N $8.00 
Jasper Picasso Beads 8mm RoundJSPS500008N $10.00 
Jasper Picture Beads 10mm CoinJSPC140010N $12.00 
Jasper Picture Beads 15mm CoinJSPC140015N $11.00 
Jasper Picture Beads 18x28mm Oval FacetedJSPC421828F $42.00 
Jasper Picture Beads 18x28mm Oval PlainJSPC421828N $16.00 
Jasper Picture Beads 30x40mm RectangleJSPC463040N $26.00 
Jasper Pink Zebra Beads 30mm CoinJSPZ140030N $34.00 
Jasper Poppy Beads 40mm CoinJSPO140040N $34.00 
Jasper Poppy Beads 40x50mm Oval WaveJSPO424050N $34.00 
Jasper Poppy Beads 40x50mm Rectangle WaveJSPO464050N $34.00 
Jasper Poppy Beads 45x58mm Nuggets FacetedJSPO394558F $34.00 
Jasper Poppy Beads 4mm RoundJSPO500004N $7.00 
Jasper Poppy Beads 8mm RoundJSPO500008N $10.00 
Jasper Red Beads 10mm RoundJSRD500010N $15.00 
Jasper Red Beads 13x18mm Nuggets Faceted BreciatedJSRD391318F $16.00 
Jasper Red Beads 5x10mm Oval FacetedJSRD420510N $18.00 
Jasper Red Beads 6/7mm RoundJSRD500607N $8.00 
Jasper Red Beads 6mm RoundJSRD500006N $8.00 
Jasper Red Beads Medium SticksJSRD53MEDMN $16.00 
Jasper Red Beads Oval Faceted 5x10mmNG179 $18.00 
Jasper Red Picture Beads 40x50mm Oval WaveJSPR424050N $34.00 
Jasper Red Picture Beads 40x50mm Rectangle WaveJSPR464050N $34.00 
Jasper Sesame Beads 10mm CoinJSSS140010N $11.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 10mm Assorted Shapes FacetJSTB000010F $10.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 10mm CoinJSTB140010N $11.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 10mm Drum MixedJSTB250010N $18.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 10mm RoundJSTB500010N $12.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 10x14mm MelonJSTB381014N $11.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 10x33mm MarquisJSTB371033N $21.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 11x14mm OvalJSTB421114N $10.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 12mm RondellesJSTB490012N $19.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 13x18mm CushionJSTB181318N $12.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 13x18mm Melon CorrugatedJSTB381318N $26.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 13x18mm Oval CabJSTB421318N $11.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 14mm RoundJSTB500014N $21.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 15x20mm LeafJSTB351520N $11.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 15x20mm Rectangle PuffyJSTB691520N $14.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 25x38mm Rectangle PuffyJSTB692538N $16.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 30x40mm Oval FlatJSTB423040N $19.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 4mm CubeJSTB170004N $6.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 4mm DiceJSTB210004N $6.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 4x13mm RectangleJSTB460413N $6.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 4x13mm TubeJSTB570413N $6.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 4x6mm RiceJSTB480406N $7.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 6mm RoundJSTB500006N $7.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 6x8mm MelonJSTB380608N $9.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 8mm LentilJSTB360008N $12.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 8mm RoundJSTB500008N $8.00 
Jasper Turquoise Blue Beads 8x12mm TubeJSTB570812N $24.00 
Jasper Turquoise Green Beads 10x14mm CapsuleJSTG121014N $19.00 
Jasper Turquoise Green Beads 13x18mm BarrelJSTG031318N $17.00 
Jasper Turquoise Green Beads 16mm RoundJSTG500016N $25.00 
Jasper Turquoise Green Beads 17x34mm BarrelJSTG031734N $21.00 
Jasper Turquoise Green Beads 18x25mm OvalJSTG421825N $15.00 
Jasper Turquoise Green Beads 22x40mm Triangle PuffyJSTG872240N $20.00 
Jasper Turquoise Green Beads 25x35mm Rectangle PuffyJSTG692535N $20.00 
Jasper Turquoise Green Beads 25x44mm HalfmoonJSTG312544N $20.00 
Jasper Turquoise Green Beads 30x40mm Oval CabJSTG423040N $19.00 
Jasper Turquoise Green Beads 30x40mm Oval PuffyJSTG683040N $20.00 
Jasper Turquoise Green Beads 4mm CubeJSTG170004N $7.00 
Jasper Turquoise Green Beads 4x13mm RectangleJSTG460413N $6.00 
Jasper Turquoise Green Beads 8mm RoundJSTG500008N $8.00 
Jasper Turquoise Green Beads 8x12mm Drum with 8mm RondJSTG880812N $16.00 
Jasper Zebra Beads 15x20mm RectangleJSZB461520N $21.00 
Jasper Zebra Beads 4mm RoundJSZB500004N $7.00 
Jasper Zebra Beads 6mm RoundJSZB500006N $8.00 
Jasper Zebra Beads RoundJSZB500008N $13.00 
Krishna PendantIP006 $52.00 
Krishna PendantIP001 $52.00 
Krishna Radha 30mm PendantIP0018 $32.00 
Krishna Radha 30mm PendantIP0024 $32.00 
Krishna Radha 40x55mm PendantIP008 $52.00 
Kyanite Beads 10x14mm Oval FlatKYPL421014N $32.00 
Kyanite Beads 10x16mm RectangleKYPL461016N $31.00 
Kyanite Beads 10x17mm Rectangle PuffyKYPL691017N $34.00 
Kyanite Beads 10x19mm TVKYPL591019N $36.00 
Kyanite Beads 12x14mm TVKYPL591214N $49.00 
Kyanite Beads 13x18mm Rectangle PuffyKYPL691318N $36.00 
Kyanite Beads 15x20mm Oval FlatKYPL421520N $76.00 
Kyanite Beads 17x25mm Oval FlatKYPL421725N $76.00 
Kyanite Beads 3x5mm Rondelles FacetedKYBL490305F $182.00 
Kyanite Beads 4x6mm RondellesKYBL490406N $254.00 
Kyanite Beads 4x7/5x9mm Teardrop GraduatedKYBL540407N $96.00 
Kyanite Beads 4x9/5x17mm Stick Faceted GraduatedKYBL530409F $156.00 
Kyanite Beads 5x9/10x17mm Teardrop GraduatedKYBL540509N $179.00 
Kyanite Beads 7x10mm OvalKYBL420710N $73.00 
Kyanite Beads Medium SticksKYPL53MEDMN $55.00 
Labradorite Beads 10mm RoundLBGR500010N $12.00 
Labradorite Beads 10x14mm Nuggets Faceted Laser CutLBGR391014F $44.00 
Labradorite Beads 14mm Coin FacetedLBMU140014F $58.00 
Labradorite Beads 16x18mm NuggetsLBGR391618N $44.00 
Labradorite Beads 2x3mm plain rondellesLBGR490203N $10.00 
Labradorite Beads 2x3mm Rondelles FacetedLBGR490203F $21.00 
Labradorite Beads 2x4mm OvalLBGR420204N $11.00 
Labradorite Beads 2x5mm DrumLBGR250205N $11.00 
Labradorite Beads 3x4mm RectangleLBGR460304N $6.00 
Labradorite Beads 3x5mm plain wheelLBGR630305N $21.00 
Labradorite Beads 3x7mm Rectangle FacetedLBGR460307F $26.00 
Labradorite Beads 4mm plain coinLBGR140004N $10.00 
Labradorite Beads 4mm plain wheelLBGR630003N $21.00 
Labradorite Beads 4mm RoundLBGR500004N $9.00 
Labradorite Beads 4mm Round FacetedLBGR500004F $70.00 
Labradorite Beads 4x6mm Oval FacetedLBGR420406F $18.00 
Labradorite Beads 4x6mm plain drumLBGR250406N $21.00 
Labradorite Beads 4x6mm TeardropLBGR540406N $12.00 
Labradorite Beads 4x8mm Teardrop FacetedLBGR540408F $26.00 
Labradorite Beads 5x10mm plain ovalLBGR420510N $10.00 
Labradorite Beads 5x10mm TubeLBGR570510N $8.00 
Labradorite Beads 5x8mm Oval FacetedLBGR420508F $21.00 
Labradorite Beads 6mm RoundLBGR500006N $8.00 
Labradorite Beads 8mm RoundLBGR500008N $9.00 
Labradorite Beads 8x10mm Teardrop FacetedLBGR540810F $44.00 
Labradorite Beads 8x12mm Nuggets FacetedLBGR390812F $23.00 
Labradorite Beads Coin 4mmNG96 $7.00 
Labradorite Beads Oval 5x10mmNG64 $8.00 
Labradorite Beads Oval Faceted 4x6mmNG177 $18.00 
Labradorite Beads Oval Faceted 5x8mmNG196 $21.00 
Labradorite Beads Rectangle 3x4mmNG85 $6.00 
Labradorite Beads Rondelles 2x3mmNG95 $7.00 
Labradorite Beads Rondelles Faceted 2x3mmNG169 $12.00 
Labradorite Beads Teardrop 4x6mmNG86 $12.00 
Labradorite Beads Teardrop Faceted 4x8mmNG188 $26.00 
Labradorite Beads Tube 5x10mmNG66 $8.00 
Labradorite Beads Wheel 3mmNG87 $12.00 
Labradorite Beads Wheel 3x5mmNG122 $2.00 
Labradorite Pendant 30 x 40mm ovalSP0040 $16.00 
Labradorite Pendant 30 x 40mm rectangleSP0037 $16.00 
Labradorite Pendant 30 x 40mm rectangleSP0038 $16.00 
Labradorite Pendant 30 x 40mm tear dropSP0039 $16.00 
Lapis Beads 10mm HeartsLABL320010N $26.00 
Lapis Beads 20x25mm Plain NuggetsLABL392025N $39.00 
Lapis Beads 25x30mm Faceted NuggetsLABL392530F $83.00 
Lapis Beads 3mm RoundLABL500003N $23.00 
Lapis Beads 3x5mm TubeLABL570305N $16.00 
Lapis Beads 6mm LentilsLABL360006N $26.00 
Lapis Beads 6x10mm HexagonLABL650610N $5.00 
Lapis Beads 6x12mm OvalLABL420612N $5.00 
Lapis Beads 8x8mm TriangleLABL560808N $5.00 
Lapis Beads Hexagon 6x10mmNG130 $5.00 
Lapis Beads Oval 6x12mmNG131 $5.00 
Lapis Beads Triangle 8x8mmNG129 $5.00 
Lapis Lazuli Flared Stone Pluglpsp $26.00 
Larimar Pendant with sterling silverSPLR01 $156.00 
Lavender Glass PincherLGPN $31.00 
Lemon Quartz Beads 14x15mm Nuggets Faceted Laser CutTPLE391415F $254.00 
Lemon Quartz Beads 14x20mm Nuggets Faceted Laser CutTPLE391420F $226.00 
Lemon Quartz Beads 5x8mm Faceted TeardropQULE540508F $195.00 
Lemon Quartz Beads 8mm Faceted SquareQULE510008F $156.00 
Lemon Quartz Beads Medium/Large Nuggets Faceted Laser CutQULE39MELGF $168.00 
Leopardskin Jasper Stone Flared Plugslsjsp $26.00 
Lepidolite Beads 10mm RoundLEPI500010N $22.00 
Lepidolite Beads 6mm RoundLEPI500006N $12.00 
Lepidolite Beads 8mm RoundLEPI500008N $18.00 
Lepidolite Pendant 30 x 40mm ovalSP0043 $5.00 
Lepidolite Pendant 30 x 40mm ovalSP0041 $21.00 
Lepidolite Pendant 30 x 40mm oval facetedSP0042 $16.00 
Lepidolite Pendant 30 x 40mm rectangleSP0045 $5.00 
Lepidolite Pendant 30 x 40mm rectangleSP0044 $5.00 
Lotus Sun Symbol 30mm PendantIP0012 $32.00 
Mahogany Obsidian Stone Flared Plugmosp $26.00 
Mahogany Obsidian Stone Flared Tunnel Eyeletsmost $46.00 
Malachite Beads 10mm RoundMAGN500010N $47.00 
Malachite Beads 4mm RoundMAGN500004N $11.00 
Malachite Beads 4mm Round FacetedMAGN500004F $28.00 
Malachite Beads 6mm RoundMAGN500006N $19.00 
Malachite Beads 8mm RoundMAGN500008N $37.00 
Malachite Pendant 30 x 40mm tear dropSP0046 $5.00 
Mexican Fire Opal 15x20mm Facted BeadsOPFM001520F $47.00 
Mexican Fire Opal 4mm Round BeadsOPFM500004N $47.00 
Mica Beads 10x18mm TubeMIBR571018N $26.00 
Mica Beads 22x30mm Oval FlatMIBR422230N $23.00 
Mica Beads 25x35mm Rectangle FlatMIBR462535N $26.00 
Mica Beads 28x40mm DrumMIBR252840N $26.00 
Mica Beads 30mm CoinMIBR140030N $26.00 
Mica Beads 32mm HexagonMIBR650032N $26.00 
Mica Beads 40x50mm Oval WaveMIBR424050N $31.00 
Mica Beads 40x60mm Rectangle FlatMIBR464060N $57.00 
Millefiori Black and Blue Round glass beads 6mm.GMBK500006N $6.00 
Millefiori Blue and orange coin glass beads 10 mm.GMBL140010N $6.00 
Millefiori Blue Orange Coin Beads 15 mm.GMBL140015N $6.00 
Millefiori Blue Round beads 6mm.GMBL500006N $6.00 
Millefiori Multi Colored Barrel Beads 12*16 mm.GMMC001216N $6.00 
Millefiori Multi Colored Coin Beads 15 mm.GMMC140015N $6.00 
Millefiori Multi Colored Rondelle glass beads 10*12 mm.GMMC491215N $13.00 
Millefiori Orange Blue Coin Beads 15 mm.GMOR140015N $6.00 
Millefiori Orange Blue Round Beads 6 mm.GMOR500006N $6.00 
Millefiori Pink Green Round Beads 6 mm.GMPI500015N $6.00 
Millefiori Teal Orange Coin Beads 15 mm.GMTL140015N $6.00 
Millefiori Teal Yellow Round Beads 6 mm.GMTL500006N $6.00 
Millefiori Yellow Green Round Beads 6 mm.GMYE500006N $6.00 
Moldavite nuggetsMLGR390000N $46.00 
Moldavite plain round beads in 4mm.MLGR500004N $18.00 
Mookaite Beads 10mm Coin FacetedMOMU140010F $31.00 
Mookaite Beads 10mm RoundMOMU500010N $14.00 
Mookaite Beads 10mm Square FacetedMOMU510010F $31.00 
Mookaite Beads 10x14mm Oval FacetedMOMU421014F $31.00 
Mookaite Beads 10x14mm Rectangle Puffy FacetedMOMU691014F $42.00 
Mookaite Beads 12mm Coin FacetedMOMU140012F $31.00 
Mookaite Beads 12x22mm CushionMOMU181222N $20.00 
Mookaite Beads 14mm Coin FacetedMOMU140014F $31.00 
Mookaite Beads 16mm Teardrop Faceted IrregularMOMU540016F $42.00 
Mookaite Beads 18x25mm Teardrop FacetedMOMU541825F $40.00 
Mookaite Beads 22x30mm RectangleMOMU462230N $34.00 
Mookaite Beads 25x35mm Oval FlatMOMU422535N $31.00 
Mookaite Beads 2x8mm Drum with RondellesMOMU880208N $28.00 
Mookaite Beads 30mm CoinMOMU140030N $31.00 
Mookaite Beads 35mm Butterfly with BeadsMOMU100035N $37.00 
Mookaite Beads 4mm RoundMOMU500004N $8.00 
Mookaite Beads 6mm RoundMOMU500006N $11.00 
Mookaite Beads 7x10mm Cushion FacetedMOMU180710F $34.00 
Mookaite Beads 8mm RoundMOMU500008N $12.00 
Mookaite Beads 8x10mm Oval FacetedMOMU420810F $31.00 
Mookaite Beads 8x12mm Rectangle FacetedMOMU460810F $29.00 
Mookaite Pendant 30 x 40mm tear drop facetedSP0047 $18.00 
Moonstone Grey Beads 25x35mm RectangleMSGR462535N $26.00 
Moonstone Grey Beads 32mm HexagonMSGR650032N $26.00 
Moonstone Grey Beads 35mm CoinMSGR140035N $26.00 
Moonstone Multi Beads 10-13mm RoundMSMU501013N $26.00 
Moonstone Multi Beads 5x8mm Cushion FacetedMSMU180508F $30.00 
Moonstone Multi Beads Multi Cushion Faceted 5x8mmNG183 $30.00 
Moonstone Rainbow Beads 2/4mm RoundMSRB500204N $6.00 
Moonstone Rainbow Beads 2x3mm Rondelles FacetedMSRB490203F $15.00 
Moonstone Rainbow Beads 3/4/5mm RoundMSRB500345N $8.00 
Moonstone Rainbow Beads 3mm RondellesMSRB490003N $8.00 
Moonstone Rainbow Beads 3x5mm OvalMSRB420305N $9.00 
Moonstone Rainbow Beads 3x5mm RectangleMSRB460305N $5.00 
Moonstone Rainbow Beads 3x5mm RondellesMSRB490305N $9.00 
Moonstone Rainbow Beads 3x6mm TeardropsMSRB540306N $15.00 
Moonstone Rainbow Beads 4x6mm OvalMSRB420406N $5.00 
Moonstone Rainbow Beads 4x7mm RondellesMSRB490407N $18.00 
Moonstone Rainbow Beads 5mm CoinMSRB140000N $6.00 
Moonstone Rainbow Beads 8mm RoundMSRB500008N $16.00 
Moonstone Rainbow Beads CoinNG88 $6.00 
Moonstone Rainbow Beads Oval 4x6mmNG30 $5.00 
Moonstone Rainbow Beads Rectangle 3x5mmNG29 $5.00 
Moonstone Rainbow Beads Rondelles 3mmNG31 $8.00 
Moonstone Rainbow Beads Rondelles Faceted 2x3mmNG162 $15.00 
Moonstone Rainbow Beads Round 3/4/5mmNG89 $8.00 
Moonstone Rainbow Beads Teardrop 3x6mmNG43 $15.00 
Mother of Pearl Beads Leaf ShapeSH082 $68.00 
Mother of pearl pink shell flower 40 mm.SHPMPPI40 $18.00 
Mother of pearl white shell flower 40 mm. pendantSHPMPWH40 $13.00 
Mother of pearl white shell flower 45 mm. pendantSHPMPWH45 $16.00 
Mother of pearl white shell flower 95 mm.SHPMPWH95 $20.00 
Mother of pearl white shell Pendant 68 mm.SHPMPWH68 $8.00 
Mother of pearl white shell Pendant 75 mm.SHPMPWH75 $10.00 
Multi-Stone Beads 2x3mm Rondelles Faceted 4-ColorMT04490203F $15.00 
Multi-Stone Beads 2x3mm Rondelles Faceted 5-ColorMT05490203F $15.00 
Multi-Stone Beads 2x6mm RondellesMT05490206N $7.00 
Multi-Stone Beads 4mm Round 4-ColorMT04500004N $7.00 
Multi-Stone Beads 4mm Round 5-ColorMT05500004N $7.00 
Multi-Stone Beads 4x6mm RectangleMT04460406N $6.00 
Multi-Stone Beads 4x7mm OvalMT04420407N $6.00 
Multi-Stone Beads Oval 4x7mmNG07 $6.00 
Multi-Stone Beads Rectangle 4x6mmNG01 $6.00 
Multi-Stone Beads Rondelles 2x6mmNG14 $7.00 
Multi-Stone Beads Rondelles Faceted 2x3mmNG166 $15.00 
Multi-Stone Beads Rondelles Faceted 2x3mmNG167 $15.00 
Multi-Stone Beads Round 2/4mmNG149 $6.00 
Multi-Stone Beads Round 4mm 4 ColorNG15 $7.00 
Multi-Stone Beads Round 4mm 5 colorNG16 $7.00 
Muscovite Beads 20x30mm Oval FacetedMURD422030F $49.00 
Muscovite Beads 30x40mm Oval FacetedMURD423040F $34.00 
Muscovite Beads 4mm RoundMURD500004N $9.00 
Muscovite Beads 6mm RoundMURD500006N $10.00 
Muscovite Beads 8mm RoundMURD500008N $13.00 
Naodelite Stone Flared Plugsndsp $26.00 
Obsidian Black Beads 4mm RoundOBBK500004N $7.00 
Obsidian Mahogany Beads 10mm RoundOBMH500010N $14.00 
Obsidian Mahogany Beads 15mm Coin PuffyOBMH670015N $11.00 
Obsidian Mahogany Beads 4mm RoundOBMH500004N $6.00 
Obsidian Mahogany Beads 6mm RoundOBMH500006N $7.00 
Obsidian Mahogany Beads 8mm RoundOBMH500008N $9.00 
Obsidian Snowflake Beads 10mm RoundOBSF500010N $12.00 
Obsidian Snowflake Beads 4mm RoundOBSF500004N $6.00 
Obsidian Snowflake Beads 6mm RoundOBSF500006N $8.00 
Obsidian Snowflake Beads 6mm Round FacetedOBSF500006F $19.00 
Obsidian Snowflake Beads 8mm RoundOBSF500008N $9.00 
Old Silver Ethiopian CrossBP0012 $84.00 
Old Silver Solid Indian PendantBP0011 $52.00 
Olive Jade Pendant 30 x 40mm circleSP0066 $5.00 
Olive Jade Pendant 30 x 40mm ovalSP0068 $5.00 
Olive Jade Pendant 30 x 40mm rectangleSP0067 $5.00 
Om Power 30mm PendantIP0016 $32.00 
Onyx Black Beads 10x16mm CrossONBK161016N $29.00 
Onyx Black Beads 11x13mm ConeONBK151113N $29.00 
Onyx Black Beads 12mm TriangleONBK560012N $17.00 
Onyx Black Beads 14mm CoinONBK140014N $27.00 
Onyx Black Beads 16mm V-ShapeONBK930016N $21.00 
Onyx Black Beads 3mm RoundONBK500003N $12.00 
Onyx Black Beads 3x10mm TeardropONBK540310N $12.00 
Onyx Black Beads 3x5mm RectangleONBK460305N $12.00 
Onyx Black Beads 3x5mm Rectangle FacetedONBK460305F $27.00 
Onyx Black Beads 3x7mm Teardrop FacetedONBK540307F $27.00 
Onyx Black Beads 4mm CoinONBK140004N $12.00 
Onyx Black Beads 4mm CubeONBK170004N $20.00 
Onyx Black Beads 4mm RoundONBK500004N $9.00 
Onyx Black Beads 4x13mm Rice FacetedONBK480413F $27.00 
Onyx Black Beads 4x13mm TubeONBK570413N $12.00 
Onyx Black Beads 4x6mm MelonONBK380406N $12.00 
Onyx Black Beads 5x10mm RiceONBK480510N $12.00 
Onyx Black Beads 5x12mm Teardrop FlatONBK640512N $12.00 
Onyx Black Beads 5x8mm OvalONBK420508N $12.00 
Onyx Black Beads 5x8mm Rectangle FacetedONBK460508F $27.00 
Onyx Black Beads 6mm Coin FacetedONBK140006F $27.00 
Onyx Black Beads 6mm CubeONBK170006N $16.00 
Onyx Black Beads 6x10mm HexagonONBK650610N $12.00 
Onyx Black Beads 6x12mm RiceONBK480612N $19.00 
Onyx Black Beads 6x12mm RondellesONBK490612N $29.00 
Onyx Black Beads 6x12mm TubeONBK570612N $20.00 
Onyx Black Beads 6x8mm Oval PuffyONBK680608N $18.00 
Onyx Black Beads 6x8mm TeardropONBK540608N $17.00 
Onyx Black Beads 6x8mm TriangleONBK560608N $12.00 
Onyx Black Beads 6x8mm TubeONBK570608N $29.00 
Onyx Black Beads 6x9mm MelonONBK380609N $15.00 
Onyx Black Beads 7x10mm DiamondONBK200710N $17.00 
Onyx Black Beads 7x10mm Oval FacetedONBK420710F $27.00 
Onyx Black Beads 7x10mm TeardropONBK540710N $17.00 
Onyx Black Beads 7x11mm VaseONBK610711N $17.00 
Onyx Black Beads 7x12mm RhombusONBK470712N $23.00 
Onyx Black Beads 8mm RoundONBK500008N $11.00 
Onyx Black Beads 8mm Round CarvedONBK890008N $31.00 
Onyx Black Beads 8x10mm ConeONBK150810N $19.00 
Onyx Black Beads 8x10mm Leaf CarvedONBK350810N $20.00 
Onyx Black Beads 8x10mm Oval FlatONBK420810N $18.00 
Onyx Black Beads 8x10mm Oval PuffyONBK680810N $19.00 
Onyx Black Beads 8x12mm TwistONBK600812N $21.00 
Onyx Black Beads 8x16mm Rectangle FacetedONBK460816F $38.00 
Onyx Black Beads 8x8mm TubeONBK570808N $16.00 
Onyx Black Beads Coin 4mmNG109 $12.00 
Onyx Black Beads Coin Faceted 6mmNG213 $27.00 
Onyx Black Beads Hexagon 6x10mmNG107 $12.00 
Onyx Black Beads Oval 5x8mmNG114 $12.00 
Onyx Black Beads Oval Faceted 7x10mmNG215 $27.00 
Onyx Black Beads Rectangle 3x5mmNG105 $12.00 
Onyx Black Beads Rectangle Faceted 3x5mmNG217 $27.00 
Onyx Black Beads Rectangle Faceted 5x8mmNG212 $27.00 
Onyx Black Beads Rice 5x10mmNG113 $12.00 
Onyx Black Beads Rise Faceted 4x13mmNG214 $27.00 
Onyx Black Beads Round 3mmNG110 $12.00 
Onyx Black Beads Teardrop 3x10mmNG106 $12.00 
Onyx Black Beads Teardrop Faceted 3x7mmNG216 $27.00 
Onyx Black Beads Teardrop Flat 5x12mmNG112 $12.00 
Onyx Black Beads Triangle 6x8mmNG108 $12.00 
Onyx Black Beads Tube 4x13mmNG111 $12.00 
Onyx Blue Beads 4mm RoundONBL500004N $15.00 
Onyx Blue Beads 6mm RoundONBL500006N $16.00 
Onyx Blue Beads 8mm RoundONBL500008N $19.00 
Onyx Stone Omega HangersBAOH $36.00 
Opal African White Beads 4mm RoundOPAF500004N $6.00 
Opal Moss Beads 4x6mm DrumOPMO250406N $18.00 
Opal Moss Beads 4x6mm RondellesOPMO490406N $18.00 
Opal Moss Beads 5x8mm RondellesOPMO490508N $21.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads 10x14mm NuggetsOPPU391014N $20.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads 2/3/4mm Round FacetedOPPU500234F $44.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads 4x10mm RectangleOPPU460410N $16.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads 4x8mm Rondelles FacetedOPPU490408F $26.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads 4x8mm TubeOPPU570408N $26.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads 6mm RondellesOPPU490006N $26.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads 6x12mm Drop TwistOPPU660612N $17.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads 6x13mm TubeOPPU570613N $21.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads 7mm Coin(a)OPPU140007N $13.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads 7x12mm TwistOPPU600712N $20.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads 8mm RoundOPPU500008N $23.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads 8x12mm OvalOPPU420812N $18.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads 8x12mm Rectangle FacetedOPPU460812F $27.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads Drop twist 6x12mmNG135 $17.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads Large NuggetsOPPU39LRGEN $20.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads Medium NuggetsOPPU39MEDMN $15.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads Oval 8x12mmNG139 $18.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads Rectangle 4x10mmNG136 $16.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads Rectangle Faceted 8x12mmNG140 $27.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads Round 8mmNG138 $23.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads Round Faceted 2/3/4mmNG175 $44.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads Small NuggetsOPPU39SMLLN $15.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads Tube 6x13mmNG134 $21.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads Twist 7x12mmNG133 $20.00 
Opal Peruvian Blue Beads(a) Coin 7mmNG137 $13.00 
Opal Peruvian Pink Beads 10x15mm RectangleOPPP461015N $23.00 
Opal Peruvian Pink Beads 12x14mm RondellesOPPI491214N $156.00 
Opal Peruvian Pink Beads 16x18mm Nuggets FacetedOPPP391618F $16.00 
Opal Peruvian Pink Beads 2x6mm TubeOPPI570206N $36.00 
Opal Peruvian Pink Beads 5x10mm RectangleOPPP460510N $13.00 
Opal Peruvian Pink Beads 8mm CoinOPPP140008N $20.00 
Opal Peruvian Pink Beads Coin 8x8mmNG143 $14.00 
Opal Peruvian Pink Beads Cube 5x10mmNG142 $11.00 
Opal Peruvian Pink Beads Cushin 10x15mmNG141 $19.00 
Opalite 10mm plain round beadsGOPW500010N $9.00 
Opalite 10x13mm Corrugated Melon BeadsGOPW381013N $17.00 
Opalite 10x14mm Puff Drop BeadsGOPW001014N $9.00 
Opalite 12mm Faceted Coin BeadsGOPW140012F $31.00 
Opalite 12mm Faceted Square BeadsGOPW510012F $31.00 
Opalite 12x18mm Faceted Fancy BeadsGOPW261218F $31.00 
Opalite 12x18mm Faceted Tear Drop BeadsGOPW541218F $31.00 
Opalite 13x18mm Faceted Oval BeadsGOPW421520F $31.00 
Opalite 15x20mm Faceted Tear Drop BeadsGOPW541520F $31.00 
Opalite 20x25mm Puffy Tear Drop BeadsGOPW542025N $16.00 
Opalite 3x5mm Rice BeadsGOPW480305N $9.00 
Opalite 3x5mm Rondelle BeadsGOPW490004N $8.00 
Opalite 4mm Drum BeadsGOPW250004N $10.00 
Opalite 4mm Round BeadsGOPW500004N $5.00 
Opalite 4x6mm Rice BeadsGOPW480406N $8.00 
Opalite 5x8mm Rondelle BeadsGOPW490508N $10.00 
Opalite 6mm Round BeadsGOPW500006N $6.00 
Opalite 6x11mm Peanut beadsGOPW000611N $13.00 
Opalite 6x9mm Hexagon BeadsGOPW000609N $8.00 
Opalite 7x10mm Rondelle BeadsGOPW490710N $10.00 
Opalite 7x10mm Tear Drop BeadsGOPW540710N $10.00 
Opalite 7x15mm Twist BeadsGOPW600715N $10.00 
Opalite 7x9mm Tear Drop BeadsGOPW540709N $10.00 
Opalite 8mm Round BeadsGOPW500008N $8.00 
Opalite 8x12mm Rondelle BeadsGOPW490812N $10.00 
Opalite ClawsOpCl $26.00 
Opalite Deltoid Flared PlugsOpdp $36.00 
Opalite Faceted Mix Shaped BeadsGOPW000000F $10.00 
Opalite Flared Tunnel Eyeletsopst $27.00 
Opalite Spiralsopss $32.00 
Opalite Stone Flared Plugopsp $19.00 
Opalite Teardrop Flared PlugOTDP $47.00 
Orange Aventurine Stone Flared Plugsoasp $26.00 
Orange Resin Flared Plugorp $26.00 
Palm Wood and Horn PlugPlwp $34.00 
Palm Wood Plugspwp $29.00 
Palm Wood Tunnelspwt $29.00 
Peach Aventurine Flared Stone Plugpasp $21.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads nugget 16" med.SH121 $12.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads nugget 32" med.SH119 $22.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads nugget 32" med.SH122 $22.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads nugget knotted 16"SH120 $15.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads nugget knotted 16" med.SH118 $15.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads nugget knotted 16" med.SH123 $15.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads nugget pearlized 32" med.SH124 $22.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads nugget pearlized 32" med.SH128 $22.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads nugget pearlized 32" smSH132 $22.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads nugget pearlized knotted medSH133 $15.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads nugget pearlized knotted med/lgSH129 $15.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads nugget pearlized knotted smSH130 $15.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads nugget pearlized med.SH126 $12.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads nugget pearlized med.SH127 $12.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads nugget pearlized med.SH125 $12.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads nugget pearlized smSH131 $12.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 10mmSH160 $20.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 10mmSH156 $20.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 10mmSH157 $20.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 10mmSH155 $20.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 10mmSH154 $20.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 10mmSH153 $20.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 10mmSH158 $20.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 12mmSH151 $27.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 12mmSH149 $27.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 12mmSH150 $27.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 12mmSH145 $27.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 12mmSH146 $27.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 12mmSH147 $27.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 12mmSH152 $27.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 12mmSH148 $27.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 14mmSH140 $34.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 14mmSH141 $34.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 14mmSH139 $34.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 14mmSH142 $34.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 14mmSH144 $34.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 14mmSH138 $34.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 14mmSH137 $34.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 14mmSH143 $34.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 16mmSH136 $49.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 16mmSH135 $49.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 16mmSH134 $49.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 8mmSH167 $15.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 8mmSH165 $15.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 8mmSH166 $15.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 8mmSH164 $15.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 8mmSH168 $15.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 8mmSH163 $15.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 8mmSH161 $15.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round 8mmSH162 $15.00 
Pearlized Shell Beads round10mmSH159 $20.00 
Pearls Blue 7mm ButtonPLBL110007N $15.00 
Pearls Bronze 10mm ButtonPLBR110010N $26.00 
Pearls Bronze 7x11mm PearsPLBR750711N $11.00 
Pearls Bronze 8x14mm PearsPLBR750814N $11.00 
Pearls Gold 5x6mm PotatoPLYE730506N $6.00 
Pearls Gold 6x7mm PotatoPLYE730607N $6.00 
Pearls Green 6mm CoinPLGN140006N $5.00 
Pearls Grey 3x5mm RicePLGR480305N $12.00 
Pearls Grey 4x12mm BiwaPLGR060412N $130.00 
Pearls Grey 4x6mm RicePLGR480406N $6.00 
Pearls Grey 5mm PotatoPLGR730005N $5.00 
Pearls Grey 5x8mm PotatoPLGR730508N $5.00 
Pearls Grey 6mm PotatoPLGR730006N $5.00 
Pearls Grey 6x7mm PotatoPLGR730607N $6.00 
Pearls Grey 7mm KeishiPLGR760007N $25.00 
Pearls Grey 7x9mm BarrelPLGR030709N $8.00 
Pearls Multi-Color 4x13mm Dog BonePL03230413N $18.00 
Pearls Multi-Color 4x6mm PotatoPL03730506N $9.00 
Pearls Multi-Color 4x6mm RicePL04480406N $5.00 
Pearls Multi-Color 5x5mm PotatoPL03730505N $8.00 
Pearls Orange 6x7mm PotatoPLOR730607N $6.00 
Pearls Peach 2x3mm RicePLPH480203N $12.00 
Pearls Peach 6x8mm Rice FacetedPLPH480608F $29.00 
Pearls Peach 9x22mm BiwaPLPH060922N $84.00 
Pearls Pink 13mm CoinPLPI140013N $55.00 
Pearls Pink 4x7mm RicePLPI480407N $8.00 
Pearls Pink 5x9mm BarrelPLPI030509N $8.00 
Pearls Pink 6mm ButtonPLPI110006N $27.00 
Pearls Pink 6mm CoinPLPI140006N $5.00 
Pearls Pink 6x8mm PotatoPLPI730608N $5.00 
Pearls Red 12mm CoinPLRD140012N $46.00 
Pearls Reddish Brown 6x8mm PotatoPLBR730608N $6.00 
Pearls White 10mm CoinPLWH140010N $55.00 
Pearls White 12mm Coin w/Bronze SpacersPLWH140012N $20.00 
Pearls White 13mm CoinPLWH140013N $99.00 
Pearls White 14mm CoinPLWH140014N $101.00 
Pearls White 2x3mm PotatoPLWH730203N $20.00 
Pearls White 4x5mm PotatoPLWH730405N $8.00 
Pearls White 4x5mm RicePLWH480405N $7.00 
Pearls White 5x7mm PotatoPLWH730507N $9.00 
Pearls White 6mm PotatoPLWH730006N $13.00 
Pearls White 6x8 Teardrop FacetedPLWH540608F $36.00 
Pearls White 7mm KeishiPLWH760007N $36.00 
Pearls White 8x12 Teardrop FacetedPLWH540812F $52.00 
Pearls White 8x16mm BiwaPLWH060816N $43.00 
Pearls White 9x20mm BiwaPLWH060920N $92.00 
Peridot Beads 2mm RoundPEGN500002N $8.00 
Peridot Beads 2x3mm RondellesPEGN490203N $8.00 
Peridot Beads 2x3mm Rondelles FacetedPEGN490203F $15.00 
Peridot Beads 2x4mm Drum FacetedPEGN250204F $23.00 
Peridot Beads 2x4mm Teardrop FacetedPEGN540204F $37.00 
Peridot Beads 2x5mm Tube FacetedPEGN570205F $37.00 
Peridot Beads 3mm CubePEGN170303N $8.00 
Peridot Beads 3mm RoundPEGN500003N $6.00 
Peridot Beads 3x4mm Cube FacetedPEGN170304F $25.00 
Peridot Beads 3x4mm Oval FacetedPEGN420304F $27.00 
Peridot Beads 3x4mm RondellesPEGN490304N $7.00 
Peridot Beads 3x4mm Rondelles FacetedPEGN490304F $29.00 
Peridot Beads 4mm RoundPEGN500004N $26.00 
Peridot Beads 4x6mm Oval FacetedPEGN420406F $37.00 
Peridot Beads 4x6mm Teardrop FacetedPEGN540406F $37.00 
Peridot Beads 5x6mm Rondelles FacetedPEGN490506F $47.00 
Peridot Beads 5x8mm OvalPEGN420508N $84.00 
Peridot Beads 6mm RoundPEGN500006N $28.00 
Peridot Beads 7x9mm Nuggets Faceted Laser CutPEGN390709F $136.00 
Peridot Beads Cube 3mmNG39 $8.00 
Peridot Beads Cube Faceted 3x4mmNG206 $25.00 
Peridot Beads Medium NuggetsPEGN39MEDMN $46.00 
Peridot Beads Oval Faceted 3x4mmNG195 $27.00 
Peridot Beads Rondelles 2x3mmNG82 $7.00 
Peridot Beads Rondelles 2x3mmNG83 $8.00 
Peridot Beads Rondelles Faceted 2x3mmNG172 $15.00 
Peridot Beads Round 2mmNG84 $8.00 
Peridot Beads Round 3mmNG33 $6.00 
Petrified Wood Beads 4mm RoundPWBR500004N $7.00 
Petrified Wood Beads 6mm RoundPWBR500006N $9.00 
Petrified Wood Beads 8mm RoundPWBR500008N $11.00 
Picasso Jasper Flared Stone Plugspjsp $26.00 
Picasso Jasper Stone Flared Tunnel Eyeletspjst $38.00 
Picasso Jasper Stone PincherPJSPN $31.00 
Pietersite Beads 3x6mm TeardropPIRD540306N $23.00 
Pietersite Beads 4mm RoundPIRD500004N $6.00 
Pietersite Beads 6x10mm TeardropPIRD540610N $23.00 
Pietersite Beads 8mm RoundPIRD500008N $12.00 
Pietersite Beads Large NuggetsPIRD39LRGEN $26.00 
Pineapple Quartz 10mm Cubes BeadsQUPN170010N $16.00 
Pineapple Quartz 10mm Drum BeadsQUPN250010N $16.00 
Pineapple Quartz 10x14mm Drum BeadsQUPN251014N $18.00 
Pineapple Quartz 10x14mm Rice BeadsQUPN481014N $16.00 
Pineapple Quartz 12mm Faceted Coin BeadsQUPN140012F $21.00 
Pineapple Quartz 12mm Rondelle BeadsQUPN490012N $21.00 
Pineapple Quartz 18mm Flower BeadsQUPN270018N $26.00 
Pineapple Quartz 4x6mm Faceted Rondelle BeadsQUPN490406F $16.00 
Pineapple Quartz 6x6mm Cubes BeadsQUPN170606N $13.00 
Pineapple Quartz 8mm Lentils BeadsQUPN360008N $16.00 
Pineapple Quartz 8mm Mixed Drum BeadsQUPN250008N $16.00 
Pineapple Quartz 8x10mm Rice BeadsQUPN480810N $13.00 
Pineapple Quartz 8x11mm Corrugated BeadsQUPN0811N $18.00 
Pineapple Quartz 9x13mm Oval BeadsQUPN420913N $18.00 
Pineapple Quartz Beads 10mm CoinQUPN140010N $11.00 
Pineapple Quartz Beads 10x30mm Marquis w/TubeQUPN371030N $20.00 
Pineapple Quartz Beads 10x30mm Oval 4-SidedQUPN421030N $15.00 
Pineapple Quartz Beads 12mm Square PuffyQUPN740012N $16.00 
Pineapple Quartz Beads 12x16mm Oval FlatQUPN421216N $10.00 
Pineapple Quartz Beads 13x18mm Oval FlatQUPN421318N $15.00 
Pineapple Quartz Beads 15x20mm TVQUPN591520N $15.00 
Pineapple Quartz Beads 20x40mm MarquisQUPN372040N $17.00 
Pineapple Quartz Beads 22x30mm Oval FlatQUPN422230N $17.00 
Pineapple Quartz Beads 25x35mm RectangleQUPN462535N $17.00 
Pineapple Quartz Beads 35mm CoinQUPN140035N $24.00 
Pineapple Quartz Beads 8x10mm Tube w/5mm RondellesQUPN900810N $17.00 
Pineapple Quartz Beads 8x16mm TwistQUPN600816N $15.00 
Pineapple Quartz Pendant 30 x 40mm circle facetedSP0049 $8.00 
Pineapple Quartz Pendant 30 x 40mm rectangle facetedSP0048 $8.00 
Pineapple Quartz Tube with Faceted Rondelle BeadsQUPN574900F $21.00 
Pink Amethyst Beads 18x29mm Nuggets Faceted Laser CutAMPI391829F $255.00 
Pink Amethyst Beads 8mm Nuggets Faceted Laser CutAMPI390008F $255.00 
Pink Chalcedony Beads 14x14mm Nuggets FacetedCDPI391414F $52.00 
Pink Chalcedony Beads 15x24mm Nuggets FacetedCDPI391524F $58.00 
Pink Chalcedony Beads 20x20mm NuggetsCDPI392020N $21.00 
Pink Circle Star Buffalo Bone Plugsbnpkpl $23.00 
Pink Glitter Resin Flared Plugspgrp $34.00 
Pink Heart Hollow Horn PlugsPhhP $36.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Barrel Shape 10x15 mmSH038 $36.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Barrel Shape 13x18 mmSH039 $42.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Barrel Shape 14x21 mmSH102 $49.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Barrel Shape 14x21 mmSH040 $47.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Corn Shape 7x7 mmSH063 $34.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Cushion Flat 10x15 mmSH001 $36.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Cushion Flat 12x18 mmSH002 $36.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Cushion Shape 14x21 mmSH098 $47.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Fan Shape 14x13 mmSH105 $36.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Fan Shape 17x18 mmSH106 $42.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Fan Shape 18x17 mmSH104 $44.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Fan Shaped Carved 15x15 mmSH077 $57.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Fan Shaped Carved 17x17 mmSH078 $68.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Free Form TrapeziumSH110 $39.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Free Form Trapezium 13x15 mmSH055 $44.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Free Form Trapezium ShapeSH045 $42.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Free Form TriangleSH107 $39.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Free Form TriangleSH044 $36.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Heart Shape 20x20 mmSH101 $49.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Hinge Shape 8x10 mmSH022 $39.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Hinge Shape 8x18 mmSH024 $42.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Hinge Tumble EarSH070 $52.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Hinge Tumble FlatSH067 $57.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Hinge Tumble Flat 16x26 mmSH065 $60.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Hinge Tumble HeartSH069 $52.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Kernel Shape Carved 10x14 mmSH079 $52.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Kernel Shape Carved 12x16 mmSH080 $62.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Oval Shape 10x4 mmSH026 $36.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Oval Shape 13x18 mmSH027 $42.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Oval Shape 13x21 mmSH028 $47.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Oval Shape 14x22 mmSH035 $49.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Pear Shape 10x14 mmSH059 $44.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Pear Shape 10x14 mmSH056 $42.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Pear Shape 10x14 mmSH009 $36.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Pear Shape 10x15 mmSH099 $39.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Pear Shape 12x17 mmSH010 $42.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Pear Shape 13x13 mmSH012 $36.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Pear Shape 14x22 mmSH011 $49.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Pear Shape 16x16 mmSH013 $42.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Pear Shape 20x20 mmSH014 $47.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Pear Shape 7x11 mmSH062 $39.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Rectangle Shape 11x14 mmSH018 $36.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Rectangle Shape 13x17 mmSH019 $42.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Round Disc 12x12 mmSH052 $42.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Round Disc 12x12 mmSH054 $44.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Round Disc 9x9 mmSH113 $34.00 
Pink Mother of Pearl Beads Round Disc 9x9 mmSH051 $31.00 
Pink Star Buffalo Bone Plugspkstp $23.00 
Pirate Skull Horn PlugsSKLHP $31.00 
Prehnite Beads 10mm RoundPRGN500010N $18.00 
Prehnite Beads 10x15mm TeardropPRGN541015N $26.00 
Prehnite Beads 12mm RoundPRGN500012N $20.00 
Prehnite Beads 13x13mm DiamondsPRGN201313N $26.00 
Prehnite Beads 18x22mm NuggetsPRGN391822N $49.00 
Prehnite Beads 4mm Faceted RondellesPRGN490004F $21.00 
Prehnite Beads 8mm RoundPRGN500008N $14.00 
Prehnite Beads 9x25mm MarquisPRGN370925N $25.00 
Purple Amethyst Bead 12x14mm Nuggets FacetedAMPL391214F $57.00 
Purple Amethyst Beads 11x14mm Nuggets Faceted Laser CutAMPL391114F $50.00 
Purple Amethyst Beads 12x16mm Nuggets Faceted Laser cutAMPL391216F $143.00 
Purple Amethyst Beads 15x16mm Hand Cut NuggetsAMPL391516N $33.00 
Purple Amethyst Beads 8x12mm NuggetsAMPL390812N $52.00 
Purple Amethyst Beads Large Nuggets FacetedAMPL39LRGEF $94.00 
Purple Amethyst Beads Medium Large NuggetsAMPL39MELGN $16.00 
Purple Amethyst Beads Medium Nuggets FacetedAMPL39MEDMF $52.00 
Purple Amethyst Beads Small Tumble NuggetsAMPL72SMLLN $52.00 
Purple Glitter Resin Flared Plugsprgrp $34.00 
Purple Quartz 14x16mm rectangle beadsQUPL461416N $16.00 
Purple Quartz 15mm DiceQUPL210015N $10.00 
Purple Quartz 20x35mm RectangleQUPL462035N $13.00 
Purple Quartz 20x40mm Oval StringQUPL422040N $13.00 
Purple Quartz 24x44mm Faceted HexagonQUPL2444F $21.00 
Purple Quartz 4mm Faceted RoundQUPL500004F $13.00 
Purple Quartz 6x8mm RondelleQUPL490608N $16.00 
Purple Quartz 7x10mm Faceted OvalQUPL420710F $21.00 
Purple Quartz 8mm Faceted RoundQUPL500008F $16.00 
Purplestone Beads 10mm Rondelles FacetedPSPL490010F $30.00 
Purplestone Beads 10mm RoundPSPL500010N $16.00 
Purplestone Beads 10mm Round FacetedPSPL500010F $30.00 
Purplestone Beads 10mm Square PuffyPSPL740010N $16.00 
Purplestone Beads 10x12mm PillowPSPL441012N $19.00 
Purplestone Beads 10x14mm MelonPSPL381014N $22.00 
Purplestone Beads 10x14mm RectanglePSPL461014N $16.00 
Purplestone Beads 12mm HexagonPSPL650012N $19.00 
Purplestone Beads 12mm RoundPSPL500012N $20.00 
Purplestone Beads 12mm Square PuffyPSPL740012N $18.00 
Purplestone Beads 12x30mm RicePSPL481230N $25.00 
Purplestone Beads 12x32mm OvalPSPL421232N $25.00 
Purplestone Beads 13x18mm Oval PuffyPSPL681318N $18.00 
Purplestone Beads 13x18mm Rectangle PuffyPSPL691318N $18.00 
Purplestone Beads 14mm SquarePSPL510014N $20.00 
Purplestone Beads 14x20mm RectanglePSPL461420N $21.00 
Purplestone Beads 15mm HexagonPSPL650015N $21.00 
Purplestone Beads 15x20mm RectanglePSPL461520N $21.00 
Purplestone Beads 22x30mm RectanglePSPL462230N $26.00 
Purplestone Beads 25mm Coin FacetedPSPL140025F $27.00 
Purplestone Beads 30x42mm MarquisPSPL373042N $41.00 
Purplestone Beads 40mm CoinPSPL140040N $41.00 
Purplestone Beads 5x10mm OvalPSPL420510N $16.00 
Purplestone Beads 6x10mm OvalPSPL420610N $20.00 
Purplestone Beads 8mm Coin FacetedPSPL140008F $27.00 
Purplestone Beads 8x12mm RicePSPL480812N $19.00 
Purplestone Beads 8x12mm TubePSPL570812N $15.00 
Purplestone Beads 8x16mm PillowPSPL440816N $16.00 
Pyrex Glass Coil Hangerspg5 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Coil Spiralpg19 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Double Spiralspg2 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Double Spiralspg9 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Double Spiralspg20 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Double Spiralspg14 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Double Twist Hangerspg7 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Double Twist Hangerspg23 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Heart Spiralspg6 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Heart Spiralspg8 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Heart Spiralspg18 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Heart Spiralspg15 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Hooked Spiralspg1 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Hooked Spiralspg12 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Long Spiralspg4 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Spiralspg11 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Spiralspg10 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Twist Hangerspg13 $52.00 
Pyrite Beads 10mm RoundPYSI500010N $14.00 
Pyrite Beads 4mm RoundPYSI500004N $6.00 
Pyrite Beads 6mm RoundPYSI500006N $8.00 
Pyrite Beads 8mm RoundPYSI500008N $10.00 
Quartz Blue Beads 15mm CoinQUBL140015N $11.00 
Quartz Blue Beads 6mm RoundQUBL500006N $7.00 
Quartz Blue Beads 8mm RoundQUBL500008N $8.00 
Quartz Crystal Beads 10mm RoundQUCR500010N $8.00 
Quartz Crystal Beads 10mm Round FacetedQUCR500010F $30.00 
Quartz Crystal Beads 10x12mm Oval FacetedQUCR421012F $31.00 
Quartz Crystal Beads 11x15mm Teardrop FacetedQUCR541115F $49.00 
Quartz Crystal Beads 12mm RoundQUCR500012N $10.00 
Quartz Crystal Beads 12mm Round CarvedQUCR890012N $21.00 
Quartz Crystal Beads 12x18mm Oval PuffyQUCR681218N $16.00 
Quartz Crystal Beads 12x18mm RondellesQUCR491218N $16.00 
Quartz Crystal Beads 13mm Teardrop FacetedQUCR540013F $39.00 
Quartz Crystal Beads 15mm Round FacetedQUCR500015F $62.00 
Quartz Crystal Beads 16x25mm NuggetsQUCR391625N $12.00 
Quartz Crystal Beads 2x3mm Rondelles FacetedQUCR490203F $15.00 
Quartz Crystal Beads 2x4mm RondellesQUCR490204N $4.00 
Quartz Crystal Beads 2x4mm Rondelles FacetedQUCR490204F $26.00 
Quartz Crystal Beads 2x4mm WheelQUCR630204N $4.00 
Quartz Crystal Beads 2x6mm Rondelles FacetedQUCR490206F $39.00 
Quartz Crystal Beads 2x7mm RondellesQUCR490207N $10.00 
Quartz Crystal Beads 3mm RoundQUCR500003N $5.00 
Quartz Crystal Beads 3x10mm TubeQUCR570310N $