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Bronzite Beads

Bronzite crystallizes in the form of masses, fibrous or lamellar and rarely crystals. This mineral assists one in achieving the state of certainty without willful-ness, such that one may continue to be adaptable with respect to the methodology of attainment. It can help one in all facets relative to service, bringing the value of assistance to the forefront.

As with all iron bearing gemstones, Bronzite is considered protective. Iron bearing gemstones are thought not only to protect, but send the ill-will or evil spell back to the sender thrice fold. All brown gemstones are thought to bring grounding and boost self-esteem. Wearing Bronzite Jewelry is thought especially helpful in discordant situations where the wearer feels they lack control and/or lose their center. Thought to bring harmony. Considered helpful with the 1st (Root) and 2nd (Sacral) Chakras. Associated with the Astrological Sign of Leo.

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