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Chalcedony Beads

Chalcedony is a cryptocrystalline form of silica, composed of very fine intergrowths of the minerals quartz and moganite. These are both silica minerals but they differ in that quartz has a trigonal crystal structure whilst moganite is monoclinic. Chalcedony is a translucent to transparent milky or grayish quartz with distinctive microscopic crystals arranged in slender fibers in parallel bands. Chalcedony is a finely crystallized or fibrous quartz that forms rounded crusts, rinds, or stalactites in volcanic and sedimentary rocks. Chalcedony occurs in many forms, colors, and shapes.

Chalcedony, agates, jaspers, bloodstone, carnelian, onyx and chrysoprase all make up the chalcedony gemstones and are made into beads, pendants and body jewelry from China, India and Bali at wholesale prices. The better known varieties of Chalcedony are: carnelian, sard, plasma, prase, bloodstone, onyx, sardonyx, chrysoprase, thundereggs, agate, flint, chert, jasper, petrified wood and petrified dinosaur bone. The colors of chalcedony vary and can be pale blue, yellow, brown or gray with nearly wax like luster. Chalcedony is one of the gemstones used in commesso, or the Florentine mosaic. It is a technique of fashioning pictures with thin, cut-to-shape pieces of brightly colored, semiprecious stones. Being an inexpensive stone, chalcedony is one of the best available and most collected gemstones. Having good healing and mystic powers, the gemstone is believed to banish fear, depression, reduce fever and is believed to be excellent for eyes. Chalcedony is found in many parts of the world, but the most prized chalcedony are from India, Madagascar, Burma, Brazil, Mexico and U.S.A.

Chalcedony beads belong to the quartz family. These beads are also made into body jewelry and are made up of small and parallel-oriented fibers. These beads are found as cavity and crust fillings. These beads are extensively used in jewelry and decorative industry all over the world. These beads are precious and occur in different colors, forms and shapes. Chalcedony gemstones are the primary matter that are used to make agate beads, jasper beads, bloodstone beads, and chalcedony beads. Since the chalcedony beads are made up of chalcedony quartz these beads do not have crystals. These beads occur in mammilary form, botryoidal form, massive form, and nodular form. These beads occur in different imaginable colors and some beads are also available in different color combinations. The reflective index of these beads lies in between of 1.53 to 1.54. These beads are comparatively hard and the relative hardness is around 7.

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