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Emeralds gemstone beads

Emerald beads, pendants and body jewelry are a variety of the mineral beryl, colored green by trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium. Emerald beads and pendants are offered at wholesale prices direct from India. Body jewelry such as emerald pendants, spirals, tunnels, hangers and pinchers are designed in silver, gold, copper, brass and other minerals. Mystical Properties: Many legends surround a tablet carved from a giant emerald. The Greeks say Hermes composed the tablet for Venus. The Egyptians say Thoth had such a tablet. In the Koran, Arabs called it the Preserved Tablet. Moses was said to have carried down an Emerald tablet with the 10 commandments.

Thought to block spells from occurring and give the gift of prophecy.

In Revelations, Emerald is said to compose the throne of God, and the Holy Grail is said to be carved from a huge emerald which fell from Satan's crown on his banishment from Heaven. Hebrew legend says Emeralds were one of the four precious stones given to Solomon. In India, Emeralds are thought to be the bile of the demon God Vala as it was taken through the air by the serpent God, Vasuki. Western Astrology associates Emeralds with the Zodiac sign of Taurus, whereas Jewelers assign Emerald as the May birthstone. In Eastern Astrology, Emeralds are associated with Mercury who rules both Gemini and Virgo.

Emeralds are used by Natural Healers to subdue an over-active Heart Chakra (4th Chakra). Said to favor men named Edmund and women named Elizabeth.

The guardian angel associated with Emerald is Amriel. Emeralds are the traditional gift for the 55th Wedding Anniversary. Dreaming of emeralds is said to herald good times to come. Emerald is the national stone of Peru and thought beneficial to those of Peruvian descent. Said to govern the hour of 2 p.m. Healing Properties: Thought to protect pregnant women in Ancient Egypt. Often thought to help eyesight. Sometimes mentioned as helping with dizziness and vertigo. Scientific Properties: Emerald is composed of Beryllium Aluminum Silicate (Beryl). The beautiful, rich green coloring is attributable to chromium. When heated, Emeralds lose their color, only to regain it upon cooling. A flawless Emerald is an impossibility. Found in Colombia, Brazil, Africa, India, Pakistan, Russia and Egypt. Hardness: 8.0 on the Moh's Hardness Scale

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