Garnet beads, body jewelry and pendants for designers and bead shops offered at wholesale prices

Garnet beads

Garnet is a group of minerals that have been used since the Bronze Age as gemstones and abrasives. Garnet is any of several common, widespread aluminum or calcium silicate minerals occurring in two internally isomorphic series, generally crystallized. They are often embedded in igneous and metamorphic rocks and used both as gemstones and abrasives. Garnets are a group of common silicate minerals that have similar crystal structures and chemical compositions. It derives its name from ancient Greeks as color reminded them of the pomegranate seed or granatum. It is renowned ancient gem, treasured for thousands years. Garnets are actually one of the largest families of gemstones and we cut beads body jewelry and pendants for the wholesale trade in India, China, Thailand and Bali.

Garnet is used to create beautiful garnet beads at wholesale prices for body jewelry, bracelets and body jewelry items like: in rings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets. They are also used widely as abrasives. The hardness of garnets and their sharp fracture make them suitable as abrasives for wood, leather, glass, metals, and plastics. Garnet is said to stimulate bloodstream and pituitary gland and combats depression and lethargy. It should be carried close to the body and possesses balancing and peaceful energy. Garnet symbolizes fire, faith, courage, truth, grace, compassion, constancy and fidelity. It is found in the regions of Kenya, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Brazil, India, Madagascar, Canada, USA, Czech Republic and Spain.

Garnet gemstone beads are well known as protective power beads. On heating, the color of garnet stone bead becomes dark. These beads are available in different traditional forms such as red garnet, hessonite garnet, tsavorite and green garnets, and the new elusive black garnets in beads, body jewelry and exotic pendants in silver, gold, brass and copper. As these beads are available in different hues, jewelers prefer these beads very much and faceted garnets have always been recommended for fashion shows. These beads are expensive and this factor controverts with their brilliance and beauty. The most prominent color is blue. The other colors are medium dark red, dark red, etc. In the red garner beads, brown hue is present Although, these beads are used widely in the jewelry. It is believed that these beads are suitable for those who have taken birth in the month of January.

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