Indicolite beads, sterling silver chain by the foot and body jewelry at wholesale prices

Indicolite or Blue Tourmaline Beads

Indicolite or blue tourmaline is supposed to be the most colorful and rare variety of all gemstones. True blue Tourmalines are scarce as they show a more or less clearly pronounced shade of green. They are considered as distinct individual pieces desirable by the collectors. A blue Tourmaline emanates a high degree of harmony and are reported to bring about openness and tolerance. Indicolite is one of the rarer varieties of elbaite. It is transparent to opaque and is found in metosomatically altered magnesian or dolomitic limestones in contact-metamorphic aureoles. Wholesale prices are offered for blue tourmaline beads, pendants and jewelry at Dream Factory Beads including watermelon tourmaline.

They are found in the classical Tourmaline countries of Brazil, Namibia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. Having successfully passed the cutting procedure, Tourmaline proves a relatively robust stone. The gem cutter must be aware of this pleochroisim in order to maximize the color potential of the stone. In pendants from Bali we use silver and gold with tourmaline. These pendants are the most valuable gemstone other than diamonds, ruby, emeralds and sapphires.

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