Kunzite beads, body jewelry and pendants from Dream Factory Beads at wholesale prices

Kunzite beads

A pink variety of spodumene, Kunzite is one of two gemstone varieties, the other green variety being Hiddenite. Kunzite beads have a strongly pleochroic with color intensity variation when viewed from the top or bottom. The top and bottom of the crystal reveal the deepest colors and gem cutters take advantage of its effects. The beautiful color of kunzite, makes it a beautiful and desirable gemstone for wholesale beads for designers. As pendants and body jewelry silver and gold are used by the Balinese. Wholesale kunzite body jewelry is very rare.

Kunzite beads are sold at wholesale prices and are said to create a balance between the physical and emotional bodies and aids in security and fear brought on by others. Kunzite works well with other stones, especially Hiddenite. Kunzite cabochons are used in plugs for body jewelry. It is also thought to stimulate poor circulation and releases tension throughout the system. Kunzite is fairly brittle and has a strong cleavage; therefore, it is usually scene as faceted gemstones. The gemstone is found in the regions of Brazil, Afghanistan, Madagascar and the USA.

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