Labradorite beads, pendants and body jewelry such as spirals, plugs and tunnels at wholesale prices.

Labradorite Beads

Labradorite is a variety of plagioclase feldspar found in igneous rocks and characterized by brilliant colors in some specimens. It is a member of the plagioclase series of minerals defined at approximately the 50% to 70% CaAl2 Si2 O8 . All members of the plagioclase series usually display lamellar twinning called "Albite Twinning". Labradorite is usually cut with a flat surface in order to highlight the flashes of color.

Labradorite is said to heal mental confusion and indecision allowing to understand ourselves on a deeper level. It is a solar plexus stone and strengthens the immune system. A beautiful mineral, labradorite can produce a colorful play of light across cleavage planes and in sliced sections called labradorescence that ranges from the blues and violets through greens, yellows and oranges. The gemstone is found in the regions of Newfoundland, Canada, Ukraine, Ural mountains, and the USA. Finish labradorite is also known as spectrolite. The major sources include Finland, Canada and the USA.

Labradorite Stone Beads
Labradorite Beads and body jewelry come at wholesale prices from Dream Factory Beads and have unique colours and eye catching optical effect. The body jewelry in labradorite are pffered at wholesale prices for spirals, plugs, tunnels, hangers and earrings from Bali and China. The most attractive color of these beads that draw the attention of bead lovers is grayish smoky black color and the styles in pendants include silver and gold settings. These beads have unique characteristic as in dim light, the colors of the beads, which appear gray or dark green turn into golden color or sea-blue or green when these will be viewed in bright light. These bead crystals vary from transparent to translucent form. "Black Moonstone" is a type of labradorite bead, which has dark color and has a bluish inclusion. In stone body jewelry labradorite spirals, plugs, pinchers and tunnels are very popular.

For the first time in 1805, the Labradorean mineral stones were found along the coast of Labrador. Apart from this place, today these bead stones are found in Canada, Ukraine, the Ural mountains, U.S.A and in Newfoundland. It is believed that these beads bring kindness and joy along with good fortune. These also energizes the users and bring mental peace. Another advantage of these beads have that these are capable in healing the wounds and also uplift the level of consciousness of the human being. These wholesale beads and body jewelry also prohibit all evil powers which can jeopardies the life of the human beings.

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