Wholesale malachite beads, faceted shapes, body jewelry, pendants of Maori styles

Malachite Beads

Malachite derives its name from the Greek word for "mallow" meaning, a green herb. Its banded light and dark green designs are one-of-a-kind, and give it a unique ornamental quality. Malachite is sometimes coated with colorless wax, oil, or hardening agents to increase its durability and enhance its appearance. Malachite's fine acicular crusts and tufts are very popular that appear as a mat of thin hairs or as a carpet of green velvet. Malachite is found with many rare copper silicates, halides, phosphates, sulfates and carbonates such as duftite, libethenite, aurichalcite, sphaerocobaltite, kolwezite, shattuckite, atacamite, mixite, cornetite and much more.

Tumbled stones of malachite are very popular and beautiful figurines carved in malachite are highly sought after. Malachite is used in making exquisite beads, pendants and body jewelry in China, India, Bali and Thailand. The stones inlayed in silver make a nice variance from the traditional turquoise jewelry and wholesale body jewelry such as spirals, plugs, hangers and tunnels..

The gemstone is found in the regions of Shaba, Congo; Tsumeb, Nambia; Ural mountains, Russia; Mexico; several sites in Australia; England and several localities in the Southwestern United States especially in Arizona, USA.

Malachite and other copper based minerals
Malachite beads are well known for their strikingly bright green color. The prominent evidences about the uses of these beads in the ancient period are obtained from the sculptures and vases of the Russian Tsars. The texture of these beads is soft and therefore, these beads require utmost care to protect their glossy finish. The basic green color along with few other vivid greenish blends that are present in these beads is due to the presence of copper carbonate. The intensity of greenish hue that is present in these beads is inversely proportionate to the amount of water. More will be the quantity of water, lighter would be the intensity of greenish shed. Chrysocolla and asurite are related to malachite and secondary copper based minerals. Malachite spirals, plugs, tunnels, pendants and earrings are high fashion statements in the U.S. and Eirope.

These beads are delicate and thus easily get scratches or become dull. Therefore, it is very important to protect the beads from frequent temperature change, sharp blow and scratches. Due to their vivid green color, these beads have high demand in the jewelry industry. The main jewelry items in which these beads are applied are pendants, necklaces, rings, body jewelry, loose gems, earrings, jewelry sets, diamond jewelry etc. The major producing countries of these beads are Zaire, Namibia, Congo, England, Australia, Chile, U.S.A, Mexico, Zimbabwe etc. In stone body jewelry malachite spirals, plugs, pinchers and tunnels are very popular.

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