Morganite beads, pendants and body jewelry at wholesale prices

Morganite Beads

Morganite is the pink variety of beryl. It is named after J.P. Morgan, a famous American industrialist. Morganite occurs primarily in complex granitic pegmatites and is associated with quartz, albite and muscovite. It can occur with other pegmatite accessory minerals such as garnet, spodumene, columbite-tantalite, lepidolite, amblygonite, tourmaline, petalite, beryllonite and other berylium minerals. The pink color of morganite is due to trace amounts of manganese impurities in the beryl structure.

Morganite is recognized by its form, color and specific gravity and is extensively used as a gemstones for beads and body jewelry. It is believed that morganite instills and nurtures love, gives patience and enhances one's communication skills. It is found in the regions of Brazil, Madagascar, California, Maine, Connecticut, and North Carolina in the U.S.A.

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