Nephrite beads, body jewelry from jades and pendants at wholesale prices from China and Bali

Nephrite Beads

Nephrite is a white to dark green variety of jade, chiefly a metasilicate of iron, calcium, and magnesium. Nephrite is a amphibole silicate but physically it is similar to chalcedony in that they both have a fibrous structure.Nephrite is composed of silica and magnesia and is dependent on its color by the amount of iron present in the mineral. Less iron content produces lighter colors such as whites, creams, yellows, grays, greens, blues, reds, browns, and lavender. More iron content produces the darker colored nephrite, such as: Darker grays and darker greens. Due to its fibrous alignment and grain size, Nephrite can be very tough to work with. We make beads, pendants and body jewelry from these jades. Wholesale jade beads such as nephrite are also available in body jewelry, cabochons, jewelry making pendants and stones. Spirals, tunnels, hangers, pinchers and earrings are made in China, Bali and India including silver and gold pendants.

Nephrite is found in the regions of China, New Zealand, Wyoming (Wind River Range), north of the Arctic Circle in northwestern Alaska, California, Mexico and Southern Rhodesia.

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