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Obsidian Beads

Obsidian is a hard volcanic glass that displays shiny and curved surfaces. It is formed as a result of volcanic lava coming in contact with water. This glassy, lustrous mineral is found in lava flows, and obsidian stones can be massive. Obsidian is formed when viscous lava (from volcanoes) cools rapidly. The stone sometimes may contain small bubbles of air aligned along layers that produce interesting effects such as a golden sheen, known as Sheen Obsidian or a rainbow sheen called Rainbow Obsidian. Our wholesale obsidian beads, gemstones and body jewelry reflect a wide variety of the color pallet which obsidian minerals offer.

Obsidian is often confused with smoky quartz because of a similar chemistry. It has been used by ancient people as a cutting tool, for weapons, and for ceremonial purposes. The stone is found in the regions of Italy; Mexico; Scotland; Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Utah and Idaho, USA.

Obsidian Stone Beads
Obsidian stone beads are volcanic glasses, which are formed when hot burning lava cools down. These beads have astounding luste and are also offered at wholesale p[rices for body jewelry such as plugs, spirals, and tunnels. Obsidian beads conceal against negativity and thus bring pleasure. For last many decades, these beads have been using primarily for making tools and jewelry. Due to their versatile nature, these beads have different types. These types are Snowflake obsidian beads, Rainbow obsidian beads, black obsidian beads etc. The various obsidian bead colors are light brown, black, purple, green, golden and silvery sheen, and molten brown with black.

The ever growing popularity of the obsidian beads are due to their features. These features include: these beads are opaque, having sharp edges, having stunning luster with shiny surface, fragile, having patches and are assailable to blows. There are many facts for which these beads are considered so important. These beads are treated as a mean of healing capacity. Apart from this, in bringing love, for self-control and resilience, in increasing the capacity for self-protection, in removing the pessimistic feeling etc., these beads are considered as very useful. These beads are mainly used in weapons, jewelry, mirrors, masks, tools etc. The major countries, where these beads are found are Mexico, South Africa, Japan, Afghanistan, U.S.A, Java, Italy and Hawaii.

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