Wholesale Opal beads, gemstone pendants and body jewelry from Peru, Australia and Mexico

Opal Beads

Opal is a mineral of hydrated silica. They are luminous and iridescent with inclusions of many colors and is a mineral composed of noncrystalline (amorphous) silica (and some water) and is a species of quartz. It derives its name from the Sanskrit name for precious stone; upala.The various varieties of opals are: common opal, opalescent precious opal (white or black, with a rainbow-like iridescence caused by tiny crystals of cristobalite), and fire opal (a milky stone that is firey orange to red in color with no opalescence).

Opals show a play-of-color (a shifting of spectral colors) when the spheres are uniform size and arranged in regular 3-dimensional layers. The range of colors is determined by the size of the spheres. The brighter and more distinctive the play-of-color, the better the opal. Our wholesale opal beads include fire opals from Mexico, Australian opals, Oregon opals in beads, blue and pink opals from Peru. The wholesale gemstone beads, pendants and body jewelry are carved by master carvers in our factory in China, India and Bali.

Opals are found in the regions of Mexico, Oregon, Brazil, USA, Japan, Honduras, Kenya, Czechoslovakia, Peru, Canada and finally Australia that has huge varieties of attractive opals.

Opal Stone Beads and body jewelry
Opal has derived its name from the Sanskrit word "Upala", which means a precious stone. These beads are actually amorphous hydrated silica gel. Opal beads are the gemstones of hydrated silica. These gemstones are the most challenging material for making beads. The red color opal beads look very attractive. During the manufacturing of these beads, instead of concentrating at a particular direction (here red color), the manufacturers diversify their concentration in different directions (here different colors). These beads are available in shimmering colors and in translucent to opaque form. The prominent colors of these beads are orange, green, red, yellow and blue. Our blue Peruvian and pink opals are used for beads and body jewelry.

Opal beads have a high degree of versatility, and therefore, these beads are found in different forms. These different forms are Australian Opal, Fire Opal, Peruvian Opal, Common Opal, Precious Opal and Opalescent Precious Opal. The important sources of these beads are Mexico, Peru, Brazil, U.S.A- such as Oregon and Nigeria. These beads are considered as birthstones for the month of October and the sign of Libra. The relative hardness of these beads is 6. Our wholesale opal bodj jewelry includes spirals, tunnels, plugs, pinchers and omega shapes from China, Bali and India.

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