Pectolite beads, Chinese turquoise and jade beads at wholesale prices from Dream Factory Beads

Pectolite Beads

Pectolite is a whitish mineral occurring in radiated or fibrous crystalline masses. It is a hydrous silicate of lime and soda. It is often confused with several other similar appearing minerals like: okenite, wollastonite, artinite etc. Pectolite is a nice specimen type mineral and can form interesting specimens from time to time. It occurs in cavities of basalt in igneous environments, and is almost always associated with zeolites. Its crystals are tiny, slender, elongated fibers radiating from a central point outwards. Wholesale pectolite gemstone beads, pendants and body jewelry are offered by Dream Factory Beads to the jewelry trade.

Pectolite is popular among mineral collectors for its interesting radiating "blobs". The light blue variety Larimar is used as a gem. It is found in the regions of Russia, Czech Republic, Greenland, Italy, USA. The rare variety of light blue gem called "Larimar" is found only in the Dominican Republic.

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