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Sugilite Beads

Sugilite contains black, reddish brown and yellowy patches. It is also referred to as Luvulite, Gem Sugilite and Royal Lazelle. Sugilite is its own mineral species, it belongs to the hexagonal crystal system. It is often polished and used in jewelry, as well as in carvings and art pieces. Sugilite beads and pendants are very popular as are body jewelry made into spirals, plugs and tunnels.

Sugilite helps strengthen the connection between mind and body and also helps in dealing with negative energies. Sugilite stimulates the crown chakra and aids in opens all the chakras and allows for the movement of Kundalini energy. It is a wonderful stone for meditation. It is found in the regions of Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan and South Africa.

Sugilite Wholesale Beads
Sugilite beads are extremely gorgeous and a modern study has invented some mysterious properties about these sugilite beads. These beads are so exclusive that the higher price of these beads is not an important matter for the buyers and Dream Factory Beads offers the at wholesale prices. Sugilite stone beads are mined in few selective places in the world and therefore, these beads are scarce. These beads are found in India, Japan and South Africa. The mining operations of Sugilite stones from the South African mines is viable. With the growing demand of sugilite beads, the deposit of these stone is being used up rapidly. The sugilite stones which are extracted from the mines of India and Japan are of low quality and good quality sugilite beads can not be extracted from these stones. Color of these sugilite beads is yellow.

Beads made up of sugilite stones which are dug out from the mines of South Africa have dark black color and in opaque form. In these beads, there are interesting black spots can be traced on their surface and this is due to the presence of magnesium and lithium in these mines. In very rare cases, the sugilite stones are found in translucent form and the beads made out of these stones are very expensive and are considered as the rarest of rear sugilite wholesale beads.

Sugilite beads are considered good enough to prevent anger and negative energy of the wearers. These beads can resolve disagreements and disputes. In strengthening important internal organs, managing stress and in coordinating a proper balance among the body, mind and spirit, these beads are considered as very significant. Sugilite beads are associated with the zodiac sign of Virgo. Wholesale prices for sugilite beads, body jewelry and pendants.

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