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Sunstone Beads

Sunstone is metallic in appearance due to the reflective inclusions of red, orange or green crystals. It is composed of oligioclase feldspar and the reflections of light are caused by inclusions of hematite or goethite within the stone. The color variations and the shimmer (often called "schiller") are caused by tiny crystals of copper metal contained in varying amounts and sizes within the stones. The darker stones contain larger amounts of copper. The reflective inclusions or red, orange, or green platy crystals give Sunstone its metallic glitter. It is sometimes often refered to as "Aventurine Orthoclase" or "Heliolite".

Sunstone is believed to strengthen the life force, bring luck, instill optimism and increase strength and vitality. Sunstone, ruled by the Sun and a gemstone of Leo, is thought to bring luck and romance to the wearer. It is helpful to the liver and kidneys and aids digestion. Sunstone beads are the state gems of Oregon, which is the prime source of these beads. These sun stone beads show a romantic effect because of the metallic pigments, which are present in these beads reflect the incident light rays in a brilliance of color. These beads have bright colors. Due to the presence of romantic effect and brilliant colors, these beads are intensively used in making jewelry. The smooth and attractive sun stone beads coruscate in the sunshine and therefore, when these beads are used in jewelry, then these ornaments look gorgeous. Such ornaments also increase the grace of the body.

Body jewelry from sunstone make interesting plugs, spirals and tunnels for the piercing and tattoo industries. It is believed that these beads enhance the courage and energy of the users and also increase any solar oriented workings. The leadership quality also increases by using the sun stone beads. Decision can be taken more precisely due to the influence of these beads. The wearers humility, self-discipline and desire for good service will strengthen.

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