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Topaz Beads

Topaz is a colorless, blue, yellow, brown, or pink aluminum silicate mineral, often found in association with granitic rocks and valued as a gemstone, especially in the brown and pink varieties. Under suitable conditions, topaz grows into enormous crystals. It derives its name from the sanskrit word tapas, meaning fire. According to another theory topaz derives its name from the Island of Topazos, in the Red Sea, where the Romans obtained a stone which they called by this name, but which was the modern chrysolite or peridot.

A transparent stone with a vitreous luster, topaz's pure crystals are looks beautiful in exclusive jewelry items like: rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants. Blue Topaz is available in a variety of shades, sizes and shapes. Red and intense pink are the most rare and most desirable colors for topaz. Topaz is a very hard gemstone but it can be split with a single blow, a trait it shares with diamond.

Topaz stimulates endocrine system and is valuable in the treatment of hemorrhages. It balances emotions and gives feelings of joy and is referred to as the spiritual rejuvenation gemstone. The deposits of topaz are found in the regions of Russia, Siberia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Africa and China, Japan, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Australia, Mexico, and in the United States.

Topaz Stone Beads
Beads made out of Topaz stones are fragile, therefore, reasonable care is required while using these beads in jewelry. Hard external blows greatly affect these beads as these beads are very fine and fragile in nature. Topaz beads are available in a wide range of different sizes, from very small crystals to large rock form. Beads made up of pure topaz stones are white. When the irradiation process is applied through these topaz stones, the color turns into white. Such blue beads are called blue topaz beads and these beads are very famous and attractive.

Topaz beads are used as alternative birthstone for the month of December and traditional birthstone for the month of November. The color shades of these beads have royal reflection. The most common color of topaz beads is yellow. In some rare cases, topaz beads are also available in red color. The colors in which these topaz beads are available are green, red, deep golden yellow, canary and orange-yellow, white, blue, pink , white and light to medium brown.

In jewelry industry, theses topaz beads are used in making rings, bracelets, pendants, loose gems, body jewelry etc. If these topaz beads are used in combine form with other materials, then the resulting effect will be tremendously attractive. The materials with which these beads yield excellent result are titanium, gold, white gold, sterling silver, vermeil, shell, stainless steel, rhodium, copper and rhodium. The main manufacturing countries of topaz stones and beads made out of these stones are Australia, Brazil U.S.A, Japan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Russia. Africa, Germany, Pakistan, Brazil etc. These topaz beads have a lot of considerable significances. These significances are: these help in balancing the emotion, increase appetite, cure the blood disorders, tackle bad dreams, lucky to become wealthy, helpful in encouraging the self-realization power etc.

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