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Zircon Beads

Zircon is known as a colorless stone used to imitate diamonds and is also available in blue, yellow, orange, red, brown and green shades. Zircon is widespread as an accessory mineral in acid igneous rocks and also occurs in metamorphic rocks. It gets its name from Persian Zargun meaning "gold color". There are several varieties of zircon available and the orange variety is called jacinth used in classical antiquity. The blue variety is called "starlite" or Siam Zircon and the third colorless variety is called Ceylon or Matura diamond. These gemstones are very popular with jewelers.

Zircon is a very popular gemstone and gems of all different colors are cut from Zircon. Zircon crystals are also popular among mineral collectors, especially collectors specializing in crystals. It is known for its high dispersion and for many years was used to imitate diamonds. Zircon is believed to relieve pain and provide the wearer with wisdom, honor and riches. It is found in Australia, India, Brazil, and Florida, Cambodia, France, Myanmar, Thailand, Nigeria and Tanzania.

Zircon Stone Beads
These zircon stone beads have historical importance and since ancient times these beads have been using in making jewelries. These beads are made out of "cubic zircon" gems. Some zircon stone beads are colorless, and these beads are often been mistaken for a diamond. Another advantage of these beads is that , the refractive index of these beads is also very high. Sometimes a radiation of light can be seen out of these beads. These beads are mostly found in tetragonal shape. These beads are obtained either in transparent form or translucent form.

As the relative hardness of these beads is good, therefore these can be cut and shaped easily according to the latest designs. These beads are available in different colors and at wholesale prices, like yellow, red, blue, brown, yellowish golden, green, black, white etc. The blue Zircon beads are considered as birthstones for the month of December. Name of the those countries, where either zircon stone minerals or beads of these minerals are made are Canada, Russia, Pakistan, Norway and U.S.A. and are offered at wholesale prices from Dream Factory Beads.